April in the Makkelijke Moestuin

April is the perfect time to start. If you set up your garden now and begin sowing and planting right away, you'll be harvesting from your garden every day within 2 months 🙂

Read about: Starting in April
April: seedlings come up faster, but occasionally it is still cold

An existing Makkelijke Moestuin garden in April

Already started? Then you see the seedlings that you sowed in March grow faster now. Due to the longer days and rising temperatures.
End of April: the plants grow faster and faster
Are there any vegetables left that you sowed at the end of last year? Or perennials? They'll go through a growth spurt now, so you can harvest them soon.

Leave plants that start to flower for a while - like this dinokale. The first bees and bumblebees will thank you 😀
Flowering Dino kale: early food for the bees
April is also a perfect month to plant some herbs and small fruits. They do surprisingly well in the Makkelijke Moestuin.

Early April is a good time to buy everbearing Favori strawberry plants. Since they are perennial, I prefer to plant them in a separate container. Our MM-airbak and MM-minis are great for this:
Everbearing strawberries Favori in an MM-mini

Tips for April*

  1. Water your seedlings regularly. After all, the roots are still small, and the top layer of the mix dries out quickly in the sun and wind.
  2. Is it still chilly? Your seedlings will come up faster if you cover them with some fleece. The MM-muts is ideal for this.
  3. Take good care of your pre-sown summer vegetables on the windowsill. Give them plenty of light and water them regularly. To prevent them from growing too fast and crooked, turn the pots a quarter turn every day.
* In a nutshell, just do what the Makkelijke Moestuin app says. It's got all these tips and more 🙂

Pre-sown tomato plants on the window seal

What can you sow right now?

By April 1, you can sow most varieties, with a few more coming in mid-April. This is also the month to pre-sow your summer vegetables indoors.
Pre-sowing tomatoes
From mid-April:

Pre-sowing until April 15:
Pre-sowing from April 25:
Yellomato: our low, yellow bush tomato

What gear will help you sow?

Want to read more?

That was April in a nutshell. But if I wrote a lot over the years. So, here's a few fun articles if you're hungry for more:

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