How it works

1. Download our free app
It guides you all the way, even without prior plant knowledge.

2. Choose a Planty garden box
Add everything you need: special soil, seeds, etc.

3. Grow your own food with help from the app
In a few minutes a day.

How is that possible?


A Planty Garden is easy to set up

With our vegetable garden packages - from small to large - you can set up a complete vegetable garden in one go. This can be done in any place that gets at least 6 hours of sunlight per day.

You can start from February until November.

You use special soil that you never have to replace

The most important part of a vegetable garden? The soil. That's why we developed a mixture of the best natural materials. All plants grow well on it, year after year. Nothing like standard potting soil.

The app guides you step-by-step from seed to harvest

With us you never have to wonder what to do. Our free app will tell you - at the right time and tailored to your situation. So you take care of your plants just right, without stress.

You sow in patches, with an efficient system

As a result:

  • Lots of yield in a minimum amount of space
  • Plants get enough space
  • They are never in each other's shadow
  • Varied harvest, all year round
  • Work with our app (which is divided into the same boxes)


The maintenance is easy to do and done in a jiffy

You only do the fun stuff: sowing, tending, and harvesting. With clear instruction from the app. You don't have to do heavy work - like digging and endless weeding.

Everything works together

Our seeds, garden boxes, soil mix, accessories, and app are all designed to work together. So you don't need anything else.

A big harvest in a small space

Even on a small balcony, you can grow lots of vegetables with Planty Garden. Because in each section of 30x30cm, up to 4 different species can be grown each year.

If you set up your garden with several large containers, you'll soon harvest too much to eat by yourself 😀


Never garden alone

Everyone on our team uses the same Planty gardening system. So if you have a question, you'll always get a correct answer.

You create your own eco-system

Even with just a single Planty garden box, nature appears quickly. Where bees buzz and butterflies flutter.

An investment in the future

A Planty Garden is made of sustainable materials. The bamboo and Hero varieties are indestructible, and you never need to replace the soil. Only replenish it from time to time.

You grow sustainable food, and create nature. Not as a temporary little project but permanently. Good for you, good for the world.

Want to start right away?

Order a Planty set and follow the app. It's that simple.

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