About Planty Gardening

How it began, where we are now, and what we're aiming for. 
Hi, I'm Jelle

The start: 2007

"Why does everyone make such a big deal about vegetable gardening?" As a lazy, 14-year-old kid, I didn't understand any of that. 

That was the beginning of the Makkelijke Moestuin. Or MM-Garden.
Back in the day
As time passed, more and more people got excited about my easy way to grow vegetables. Because of their enthusiasm, my website grew. And I couldn't do it on my own anymore.

At first my mom Saskia helped a lot. Then my brother and best friend joined. 

By the demand of our readers, we started selling articles. Products that help you to set up a successful vegetable garden. 
MM-garden boxes, seeds and MM-mix: our own vegetable soil

MM-ers among MM-ers

And now, we're a company.

That still feels weird to say that because it doesn't feel anything like a company with clients. We're more like a super enthusiastic club.
We are not a standard company that sees you just as a customer. If you call us, you'll get someone on the line with whom you can even talk about plants.

So, you are one of us, an MM-er. And together, we want to get even more people to plant their own vegetable garden.

Every vegetable garden must succeed

I sometimes get the question: "Jelle, what's your business model?"

In short? We don't have one. We just want to make people happy with a vegetable garden that works.

Happy people spread the word. That's why we go above and beyond to make your garden a success. And everyone who joins us stands behind that 100%.

And that's why we grow.
A vegetable garden that works that's what we're aiming for

We do not advertise

We find constant advertising and imposing products by tracking people through sites and social media channels scary. So we don't. Our site has no cookies that follow you around. 

Instead, we invest in the future and in sustainability.

The future

We set up a system that allows almost anyone to grow food effortlessly.

But we want to make it even better. So we invest every remaining euro in improving our products, system, and free app.

We have exciting plans for the coming years. Think about using even less water, natural defenses against insects and diseases, and more.


Starting a vegetable garden and giving it up after a few months because of poor results is far from sustainable. So, a successful vegetable garden is also sustainable. 

But as a company, we are continuously working on sustainability too. For example, all our containers are made from recycled plastic or sustainable bamboo.

Moreover, all materials - including the mix, accessories, and seeds - are responsibly sourced and produced. This is good for nature but also for the workers involved. We take everything into account: packaging, transport, energy. 
One 120x120 MM-hero contains about 30 kg of compressed plastic waste. Uncompressed, you can fill an entire living room with it!

We do almost everything

If you call us, you won't get a call center on the line, but always one of us. It's the same with emailing. MM-ers among themselves.

We pack the orders ourselves.
MM-mix, ready for shipping
We saw the garden boxes ourselves.
Production of the MM-bamboo boxes
We invent and code the app ourselves. We program, illustrate, and make the site, shop, and text. Everything.

We don't have managers running around, nor do we sit in an ivory tower to manage others. And we never want to do that.

Collecting and packaging the orders: fun to do!
This way, we always know what's going on, and what's important. So, we can react very quickly if something goes wrong. 

Because once again: if we make you - and all the other MM-ers - happy, we ultimately reach our goal. Together 😀

PS: Coming soon: more pictures of the team. If I can get them to do so: half of them are pretty camera-shy 😉 

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