Liquorice mint

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Liquorice mint leaves and flowers are edible and have a strong aniseed flavor. Great for tea, spicy dishes, or just munching. The flowers attract tons of bees and butterflies.

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Sowing: 1 March - 31 May

Level 1

sowed indoors

0 - 8 days

Level 2

seedlings visible

1-2 weeks

Level 3

seedlings thinned out

2-4 weeks

Level 4

tiny plants

4-7 weeks

Level 5

topped plants

7-9 weeks

Level 6

first day hardened-off

~week 9

Level 7

Hardened-off 2 days

~week 9

Level 8

Hardened-off 3 days

~week 9

Level 9

Hardened-off 4 days

~week 9

Level 10

Hardened-off 5 days

~week 9

Level 11

at final place

9-12 weeks

Level 12

small plant

12-30+ weeks

Sowing time: March and April
Height: 70 cm
Contents: 0.25 grams
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Liquorice Mint

Liquorice Mint is an annual herb, but it can also survive mild winters. The flowers, leaves and seeds are edible. 
You can sow as early as May, but instead of sowing directly in your raised bed, we prefer to start the seeds indoors. (The seeds can be reluctant to germinate outdoors, and snails love the seedlings.) When the plants are big enough, you move them outside. The Planty Gardening app gives you step-by-step instructions for pre-sowing in March and April. 
  • Species name: Agastache foeniculum 
  • Family: Flower 
  • Plants per square patch: 1 
  • Height: 60 to 100 cm 
  • Pre-Sowing time: March and April 
  • Sowing depth: 0.5 cm max. 
  • Germination time: 18°C in 7 - 21 days 
  • Time to bloom: After 11-12 weeks 
  • Sunlight: Ideally in the sun, some shade is also possible 
Want to buy Liquorice Mint? We sell seed bags separately, or, you can get them as part of a seed pack: 

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