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Perfect winter greens. These compact plants can handle severe frost. Tastier than other purslanes and super easy to grow.

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Sowing: 1 March - 31 October

Level 1

seeds are sowed

0 - 7 days

Level 2

first seedlings

1-2 weeks

Level 3


2-3 weeks

Level 4

little plants

3-4 weeks

Level 5

first harvest

4-6 weeks

Level 6


6-10+ weeks

Sowing time: March-October
Height: 15-25 cm
Weight: 0.2 grams
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Winter purslane

Our winter purslane is compact, tasty, and does great in winter. It can even handle severe frost. It's more delicious than your average purslane and very easy to grow. The whole plant is edible, packed with vitamins and minerals - even omega 3.
  • Species name: common purslane
  • Family: leaf
  • Plants per square patch: 9
  • Height: 10 to 20 cm
  • Sowing time: March - October
  • Sowing depth: 0.5 - 1 cm
  • Time to harvest: 4 - 8 weeks
  • Germination: 15 - 20°C in 5 - 10 days
  • Sunlight: purslane grows best in the shade in summer, the rest of the year in full sun
Want to buy winter purslane seeds? We sell seed bags separately, or, you can get them as part of a seed pack:

What's so special about our winter purslane?

Winter purslane is harvestable all year long. Even in harsh winters, you can count on purslane. These funny, plump plants are delicious and super healthy.

The whole plant is edible, packed with vitamins and minerals. It’s 1 of the few plants that contains omega 3.

Sowing and growing

Sowing is easy to do. Just poke 9 holes in your square patch or MM-Mini and scatter a few of the tiny seeds in each hole.
Winter purslane plants start out small and don’t need to be thinned out. They grow better in cool weather than in hot summers. Give them some shade in the summer months and keep the soil mix nice and moist.

Other than that, growing purslane is almost too easy. Even snails leave these plants alone. 

But beware: if it goes to seed, winter purslane can spread quickly and take over. So, harvest the plants before they form seeds.

Step-by-step sowing and growing instructions are in the Planty Gardening app. 

How do you use purslane?

Add the young leaves to salads. You can use older leaves, stems, and flowers too: they're delicious in green smoothies and stir-fry dishes. Or toss them in with your mashed potatoes: yum.
Lekker gerecht met winterpostelein
Lekker gerecht met winterpostelein

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