Snow pea

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These pea plants grow nice and tall and produce a lot. You harvest the tasty snow peas when the pod is still flat before the peas get too thick. 

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Sowing: 1 August - 31 August, 16 February - 15 June

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peas are sown

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Sowing time: mid-February - June and August
Height: 180 cm
Contents: 15 grams
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Snow pea

This snow pea variety grows up to 180 cm tall, and grows fast. It produces beautiful long, tender pods. The more you pick, the longer you harvest. Kids love them too. 
Snow peas are cold-resistant so you can sow as early as mid-February. 
The more sun they get, the faster they grow, and the sweeter the pods. 
  • Species name: Herald 
  • Family: legume
  • Plants per square patch: 8 
  • Height: 130 to 180 cm tall 
  • Sowing time: mid-February through end June, August 
  • Sowing depth: 2 to 3 cm 
  • Time to harvest: after 9-10 weeks 
  • Germination: 7 - 23°C in 6 - 24 days 
  • Sunlight: When sown early or late in the year, grows best in sun. When sown in late spring, grows in both sun and half shade.  
Want to buy snow pea seeds? We sell the seed bags separately, or, you can get them as part of a seed pack: 

What's so special about our snow pea?

Our snow pea plants produce a lot and can be harvested for weeks and weeks. 
They’re tastiest when harvested young, but if you leave the pods hanging too long, you can always shuck them and just eat the peas: they stay delicious. Did I mention kids love them?

Sowing and growing

Sow snow peas in early spring. They grow easily, produce a lot, don’t attract pests and are disease-resistant. But watch out for birds: they love freshly-germinated seeds and seedlings, especially in early spring.  
For the tastiest result, harvest the pods before the peas get too thick. 
You can also sow again in August. It’s not as foolproof as early spring sowing, but it’s definitely worth a try. 
Step-by-step sowing and growing instructions are included in the Planty Gardening app.  

What do you do with them?

First, remove any stringy strands before use. 
You can eat snow peas in a lot of different kinds of dishes. Cook or stew them briefly, and toss them in a stir fry or in scrambled eggs with salmon: delicious! 

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