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Starting in June: ideal 🎉

June is a great month in the Planty Garden. Also for starting.

You can start from February until November

It doesn't matter much when you start precisely. Because if you set up a Planty Garden now, you're also doing that for next year. And the years after that.

Setting up a Planty garden box is something you only have to do once. Then you'll have endless fun: season after season and year after year.

Shouldn't you set up a vegetable garden in March?

That's true for a traditional vegetable garden. There you first have to dig up a piece of land, clear it of weeds, fertilize it ... and do it all over again every year. Such a mega task is too much work for a few months of cultivation, so you usually start in March.

But since you set up a Planty Garden in no time, it doesn't matter when you start. You're preparing it for this year and for the years to come. As long as there is something to sow 😋

Why starting in June is so much fun

  • You can sow almost anything in June: from lettuce to endives, from beans to beets. For 27 of our 43 seed varieties, now is the right time.
  • Everything you sow now comes up super fast, and before you know it, your vegetable garden is full of beautiful plants.
  • Some vegetables grow so quickly - like radishes, arugola, and lettuce - that you can harvest your first salads within a month.

  • May is also the month to sow legumes. You can harvest them for months - sometimes well into the autumn.
  • You garden in the sun 😎

Want to start too? It's super simple:

1. Choose your Planty garden box (e.g. with a complete kit)
2. Get customized assistance from our free app
3. Garden for a few minutes a day

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