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How to sow and grow spinach

Our spinach has nice big leaves and is slow to flower. That means you can keep harvesting for a long time. It's cold-resistant, but sensitive to heat.
Spinazie in de Makkelijke Moestuin

What is spinach?

Spinach is a fast-growing, annual leafy vegetable that grows early in the spring. Ours produces large green leaves that you can keep picking for a long time.

Spinach started out in Persia (Iran) and now grows almost everywhere, except in the tropics. It can't handle warm temperatures but does well in cold.

Vitamins and minerals in spinach

Spinach is rich in vitamin A, B11 (folic acid) C, and minerals like calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc, and potassium. Spinach also contains a lot of vitamin K, which is good for your blood and bones.

Great for vegans and vegetarians, spinach contains a fair amount of protein too 😀
Spinazie zit vol vitamines en mineralen
Vitamins and minerals in spinach

More about our spinach seeds

This spinach variety has large, tender leaves. It’s slow to flower, so you can harvest the leaves longer.

  • Species name: Nores type Viking
  • Family: leaf
  • Plants per square patch: 9
  • Height: 5 to 25 cm
  • Sowing time: March-April and from mid-August to October
  • Sowing depth: 1 cm
  • Germination: 10 - 16°C in 7 - 16 days
  • Time to harvest: after 6 - 8 weeks
  • Sunlight: can grow in sun or shade

We sell the seeds seperately or you can find spinach in a seed pack:

What do you need to grow your own spinach?

Here's everything you need to grow spinach:
  • a 30x30 cm square patch with airy, nutrient-rich soil mix
  • spinach seeds
  • a place with at least 4 hours of sunlight a day

In other words, an MM-Mini, or a square patch in one of our garden boxes, filled with MM-Mix.

Growing your own spinach in this perfect soil mix is super easy. If you use poor-quality (potting) soil, it's much harder and the results will be disappointing. So just go for the best.
Groot blad van Makkelijke Moestuin spinazie
Big spinach leaves

How to sow and grow spinach?

Our spinach is included in the free Planty Gardening app. Use it, and you'll get step-by-step guidance from seed to harvest.

Each vegetable goes through a number of stages - we call them levels. The app tells you exactly what to do at each level and checks in when your plants are ready for the next.

So you don't need to know how to grow spinach: the app takes you through every step.

But if you'd like to read more about those steps, here's what the process looks like:

Level 1 and 2: Soaking and sowing the seeds

First, put the seeds in a cup with water and let them soak for 24 hours. This will help them germinate.

Then pick a patch at the front of your garden box. Loosen up your moist MM-Mix and sow like this:

  • poke 9 holes in the patch (no deeper than 1 cm)
  • put 2 to 3 seeds in each hole
  • carefully cover up the holes with soil mix

After about 10 days, you'll see something green come up. It depends a bit on the weather.
Zaailingen van spinazie in de Makkelijke Moestuin
Spinach seedlings

Level 3: Spinach seedlings

When you see the first seedlings in your spinach patch, you know it's going well. They probably won't all come up at once, but give it another week.

Then it's time for the next level.
Kleine spinazie plantjes in de Makkelijke Moestuin
Small spinach plants

Level 4: Spinach plants don't need thinning

Spinach plants are quite small and don't need to be thinned out. 

Sow some seeds on the spots where nothing came up. 

There's not much to do in the coming weeks: just give the plants water when the weather is dry. Easy 🙂

Level 5: Caring for your spinach plants

After a week or 2, your seedlings will become small plants.

Just watch them grow for the next couple weeks. 
Opgroeiende spinazie planten in de Makkelijke Moestuin
Growing spinach plants

Level 6: Harvesting spinach

About 6 to 8 weeks after sowing, the little plants are ready for the first harvest.

You can harvest in 2 ways.

Option 1:

Cut or pick the individual leaves. As long as you leave the center of the plants, new spinach leaves will grow. This way you can keep picking for a few weeks.

Option 2:

Cut off the spinach plants 2 cm above the ground. The plants will grow back. After about 3 weeks you can harvest again.
Oogstbare spinazie in de Makkelijke Moestuin
Spinach: ready to harvest

How do you use spinach?

Toss the raw leaves into a salad. Or cook them briefly and add them to your mashed potatoes. Also delicious in green smoothies, soups, stir fry dishes, and sauces.

The last levels

As long as the plants still look nice, you can continue to harvest until they're gone.

Spinach does well in cold weather so you can harvest into fall. If you leave the plants for the winter, your spinach will flower in the spring. Then the leaves won't taste as good. So harvest everything and say goodbye.

The last level: remove the plants from your spinach patch or MM-Mini and get ready for the next round of sowing.
Doorschietende spinazie in de Makkelijke Moestuin
Spinach starting to bolt

So: what's stopping you from growing your own spinach?

You can sow as early as February, and if you have a cold frame or a crop cover (like the MM-Muts) you can harvest extra early in the season.

Plus: with our app and materials, it's pretty much impossible to fail 🙂

Order your spinach seeds here or get started with a complete starter kit:

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