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How to sow and grow arugola

Arugola leaves have a spicy and nutty flavor and are packed with vitamins and minerals. You can sow the plants almost all year long, in the sun or shade.
9 rucolaplantjes in een Makkelijke Moestuin vak
9 arugola plants fit in 1 square patch

What is arugola?

Arugola - also known as rocket or mustard greens - is a spicy leafy vegetable. Delicious in salads, on your pizza, or in a sandwich. The plants are cruciferous - part of the cabbage family.

Since the young leaves are the tastiest and the plants grow very quickly, we sow them several times a year.

Arugola is super healthy

The leaves are packed with vitamins and minerals: lots of vitamin K, C, B11 (folic acid), iron, calcium, manganese, and beta-carotene, which helps your body produce vitamin A.

The antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties in arugola also help your body protect itself from harmful UV rays.

More about our arugola

We selected an arugola variety that produces a lot of leaves. The leaves are larger and look different than most arugola you see in the supermarket.

  • Species name: arugola
  • Family: cruciferae
  • Plants per square patch: 9
  • Height: 15 to 20 cm
  • Sowing time: March - September
  • Sowing depth: 0.5 to 1 cm
  • Time to harvest: after 4 weeks
  • Germination time: between 5 and 22°C in 3 to 11 days
  • Sunlight: can grow in the sun or shade

Looking for arugola seeds? We sell seed bags in the shop, or you can also find the arugola seeds in our essential seed pack:

What do you need to grow your own arugola?

This is it:
  • a 30x30 cm garden patch with airy, nutrient-rich soil mix
  • arugola seeds
  • a place with at least 4 hours of sunlight a day

In other words, a MM-Mini, or a square patch in one of our garden boxes, filled with MM-Mix.

Growing arugola in this perfect soil mix is super easy. If you use poor-quality (potting) soil, it's much harder and the results will be disappointing. So just go for the best.

How to sow and grow arugola?

Our arugola is included in the free Planty Gardening app. Use it, and you'll get step-by-step guidance from seed to harvest.

Each vegetable goes through a number of stages - we call them levels. The app tells you exactly what to do at each level and checks in when your plants are ready for the next one.

So you don't need to know how to grow arugola when you start: the app takes you through every step.

But if you'd like to read more about those steps, here's what the process looks like:
Zaai-instructies voor rucola in de Makkelijke Moestuin app

Level 1: Sowing arugola

Choose a square patch in the first or second row of your garden box. Loosen up the damp MM-Mix and sow like this:

  • poke 9 holes in the patch (no deeper than 1 cm)
  • put 2 to 3 seeds in each hole
  • carefully cover up the holes with soil mix

After about 3 - 11 days, you'll see something green come up. It depends a bit on the weather.

Level 2: Arugola seedlings

As soon as you see the first seedlings come up, you know it's going well. They probably won't all show up at once, but after about 5 days, most of them will.

Then it's time for the next level.
Zaailingen van rucola Makkelijke Moestuin
Arugola seedlings

Level 3: Thinning arugola seedlings

More than one seedling may come up in each spot you sowed. Choose the best seedling per spot and remove the rest: that's called thinning out. 

It might sound harsh, but it's necessary. The remaining plants will have the room they need to grow. You'll end up with 9 strong arugola plants.
Kleine rucola plantjes in de Makkelijke Moestuin
Growing arugola plants

Level 4: Caring for your arugola plants

After a week or 2, your seedlings will become small plants.

You hardly need to do anything: if the weather's dry, give them some water and remove the odd dead or yellow leaf. Easy 🙂

Then it's time for:
Oogst-bare rucola plantjes in de Makkelijke Moestuin
Harvesting arugola

Level 5: Harvesting

About 4 to 6 weeks after sowing, you can start to harvest your arugola.

You harvest the leaves by cutting or picking them close to the ground or stem. If you leave the center of the plants, the arugola will keep producing new leaves.

Some stems may start to flower. Cut them off right away: the plants will produce fewer leaves and have a sharper taste.
Bloemstengel van rucola Makkelijke Moestuin
Flowering arugola stem
Keep watering your plants as well: too little water also makes arugola less tasty.

What do you use arugola for?

You can do all sorts of things with young arugola leaves. They're delicious raw in a salad or on a sandwich.

Medium-sized leaves are great with hot dishes. For example: make a pizza and toss the raw leaves on top when it's ready.

Older arugola leaves are best when cooked: they have a sharper taste the older they get, but the heat evens that out. Add them to your mashed potatoes or stir fry: delicious!
Flink uitgegroeide rucola is lekker om mee te roerbakken
Lots of big arugola leaves? Delicious in mashed potatoes

The last levels

Keep harvesting arugola as long as you think it tastes good.

Arugola's best when it's young. It goes from delicious to nice, to okay, and then to not really edible. So, it's up to you how long you want to harvest.

The last level: empty your arugola patch in your garden box or MM-Mini and prepare it for the next round of sowing.
Afbeelding Makkelijke Moestuin app

So, thinking of growing your own arugola?

You should be 😉

It's easy and yields a lot in a small area. Plus: our materials and app make it almost impossible to fail.

You can order arugola seeds here or get started with a complete set:

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