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Seeds of the MM Garden

What seeds work well with the MM Garden? Which ones are included in the shop and the app? And how should you sow, care for, and harvest them?
Seeds of the MM Garden
How do we select our MM-Seeds? We go for vegetables and herbs that grow quickly and easily. They also produce huge harvests in small spaces. In short: they work 100% perfectly with our system.

Vegetables that need expert care, take up a lot of space, or need a lot of time to grow? Not here.

So which seeds are in the shop (and also in the app)?

All the seeds we offer in the shop are also included in the app. That means that the app shows you exactly how to grow every kind of vegetable. 

All our seed varieties are sold separately or can be purchased in affordable packs. 



These are the seeds no vegetable garden should be without:
MM-Basis seed package

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