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Are our seeds organic?

That's a good question.
Zaden Makkelijke Moestuin zijn officieel niet bio, officieus wel
Our MM-seeds are not officially organic, unofficially they are
Our seeds are not officially organic, but unofficially they are. That's because the seeds are not certified organic, but they come from growers who work in a completely eco-friendly way and without pesticides.

So, our seeds are not processed and aren't coated with anything that's harmful to insects. They're also not genetically modified (non-GMO) and don't come from Monsanto either. To us, this is super important. You don't grow your own vegetables for nothing 🙂

Why don't you apply for an organic label?

Unfortunately, it's not feasible for us and many growers to apply for an organic certificate. Applying for an organic certificate is complicated and ridiculously expensive. Many growers can't afford these kinds of costs. That is why some of our seeds are impossible to find as certified organic.

If we were to apply for it, we wouldn't be able to offer a number of varieties anymore and our seed bags would be 2x as expensive. We don't want that.


So, although our seeds are as good as organic, we are not allowed to put that on the label 😉
PS: For the soil mix and the nutrients, the same applies. All the ingredients are SKAL certified and so we could apply for a label for that. If we wanted to...

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