Sunday 1 August 2021

High summer: harvesting, tidying up, and more

Early August: time to harvest lots of your summer vegetables, tidy up the garden boxes, and sow for fall. What's happening now in the Planty Garden: 

August 1 in our Planty Garden
What a weird summer, right? Wet then dry, chilly then hot - the weather can't make up its mind this year.

Despite the wetness, the summer vegetables are still growing strong and there's plenty to harvest.
More cucumbers than I can handle πŸ˜‹
We've got plenty of cucumbers, zucchini, beans. Enough for the whole neighborhood some days.

The leafy vegetables are thriving too. Even the winter purslane looks amazing. They usually grow better in colder temperatures, but check this out:
Winter purslane after 1 month

Today's blog covers:

  • how to care for your garden in August
  • extra attention to summer vegetables
  • sowing for the fall
  • a look at Sarah's rooftop Planty Garden

Tidying up the garden

August is the time to spiff up your vegetable garden. 

Remove what you want to remove, zhuzh up your plants, and prepare any empty vegetable patches for a fresh round of sowing.
Tidying up the garden boxes
Here's how to get your garden looking great in no time:

Tips for your Planty Garden in August.

Keep an eye on your tomatoes

Nothing is more fun - or more delicious - than growing your own tomatoes.

You've carefully sown them indoors, pampered them on the windowsill, hardened them off on schedule, and given them the best spot in your garden box.
So far so good. But tomatoes like it dry and sunny. The exact opposite of the weather today πŸ˜‰

Time to be extra vigilant. Because all kinds of fungi love this humidity. And yes, the dreaded tomato blight loves it too.

Read all about it here in the Planty Library.
Spotted leaves on the bush tomato? Time to get to work

What can you sow in August?

According to the app, you can sow any of these:
Marigold: sow now for flowers in the spring
and starting in mid-August:
You can find them all in the shop:

A look at Sarah's urban oasis

Sarah lives in the heart of Amsterdam.

She turned her roof into a Planty Garden using a bunch of MM-Hero boxes and tables. She's taken plenty of pictures, but now there's a film too:  

New app in the works

So, we've been working on the Planty Gardening app. It's a major upgrade from past versions.

In order to make the transition to the new app as easy as possible, check if your email address in your personal data is correct. 
Check your email address and contact information in the app

That's it for today

We should have some decent summer weather in the next few weeks. The sun will show its face more often and there should be some showers here and there. Ideal vegetable garden weather.

Can you believe this garden box? We sowed the whole thing on July 1:
Our July garden box on July 17
This is it yesterday, less than 2 weeks later:
The same garden box on July 31
Not bad, huh? 

One more: here's our August garden table. We just sowed it today. Soon it'll be living proof that you can start a Planty Garden anytime πŸ˜€
Our garden table sown on August 1
Enjoy eating your greens and tidying up your garden boxes. Don't forget to sow again right away: after all, the season's far from over πŸ˜€

See you in a couple weeks!

PS: Excited?

Share your Planty adventures on Facebook or Instagram and add the hashtag #plantygarden. Can’t wait to see what you’ve got πŸ™‚

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