Wednesday 4 September 2019

Making a mini vegetable garden with pots

We want vegetable gardening to be easy for everyone. That's been our mission from the start. 
Onze Makkelijke Moestuin aan het einde van een zomerse dag
Our Planty Garden at the end of a summer's day
"That's nice, Jelle. But I don't have enough space for it."

"I do get some sun, but only in the morning here and in the afternoon there."
"I'd like more plants, but there's no more room in my garden box - all the patches are full."

Well, that's when I got to thinking.

A Planty Garden, but even smaller? And movable? How about a pot?

But not just any pot. You need a pot that's:
  • the same size as a square patch
  • made from breathable material for better root growth
  • made of recycled plastic

That's the MM-Mini:
We really had no idea if it would catch on. In fact, half the team didn't like it at all. So, we started slowly, with a trial order. And guess what? It sold out in no time.

By now, the negative nancies have changed their tune and we're all super enthusiastic. And no, not just because they sell so well 😉

Because growing in an MM-Mini has a lot of advantages. More than we could've imagined.

The MM-Mini growbag pros:

So, it's not really a pot. We call it a growbag. They're loose-fitting, so your plants have more room. So, 6 MM-Minis can produce more than the 6 patches in a garden box.
Met Makkelijke Moestuin mini's kan je je groentes iets meer ruimte geven
Even more space for your plants to spread out
If your beans overflow, it doesn't matter:
Boterboontjes in een Makkelijke Moestuin mini
Butter beans can cascade away

Space eaters and spreaders

Take a look at this hanging tomato we were testing. In an MM-Hero, it would easily take up 4 square patches.
Deze tomaat dijt behoorlijk uit: ideaal voor in een Makkelijke Moestuinmini
This tomato likes to spread itself out: perfect for an MM-Mini
And 3 herbs in one square patch is a pretty tight squeeze. But in the MM-Mini? No problemo:
Rozemarijn, salie en tijm
Sage, rosemary and thyme
These were just small plants in the spring. But they bushed up in the summer and are doing great.

The MM-Minis are perfect for potatoes: you'll produce a lot and keep your spuds separate from your other plants. When the plants start looking ugly - you just put them out of sight until you're ready to remove them.

You can read more about potatoes here.

And what about mint? 

Talk about a spreader. You don't want that weed in your raised bed 😉  It grows all over. So, put it in an MM-Mini.

Growing on the go

Know what else is great? It's easy to move them from one place to another:
Super makkelijk te verplaatsen
That's what those handy handles are for
Heavy rain or way too hot? Your MM-Minis can find refuge under a parasol. 
Uit de zon en in de schaduw
Out of the sun, and into the shade
Lots of bugs and butterflies you'd rather not have all over your plants? Then tuck your minis in under the MM-Muts, our crop cover. It's great for plants in the cabbage family, which critters find delicious. The MM-Muts is also ideal for keeping your plants warm enough in cold weather. 
De muts beschermt tegen vlinders en de mineervlieg
The MM-muts keeps out butterflies and leaf miners

Keeping it clean

And what if your MM-Mini gets dirty? After harvesting you can throw the MM-Mix in a bag and clean off your empty mini.

You can brush off any remaining MM-Mix, mud, or roots in no time.

Is it really dirty or is something green growing on the sides? Just scrub it in a bucket of soapy water. 
MM-mini in een sopje
A sudsy MM-Mini
In short: we're keeping this MM-Mini thing going. 

What do you think?

So, the fact that we're enthusiastic doesn't say much. We're more interested in what you think.

So, share your experience, tips, and reservations. And of course your enthusiastic stories. Because we love to hear how you make the most of your MM-Minis. 

Enjoy your small-scale Planty Garden!

Win 3 van die leuke MM-mini's


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