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How to start with your garden box

Is your garden box set up? Then it's time to fill it up with plants the fastest way possible. Here are tips and tricks for getting a head start.
MM-Hero garden box: ready for a first round of sowing
This series was all about how our Planty way of growing works and how you can use it to easily grow your own vegetables and herbs.

You made a plan, found your ideal spot, and took care of the hardware: you put your garden box in its new home and filled it with MM-Mix.

Now you're almost ready to start sowing.

Small gardening tools

All you need now are your seeds, a trowel or garden claw, a bucket, and a plastic container for watering. 
Gereedschap voor de Makkelijke Moestuin
Gardening tools for your Planty Garden
Since the MM-Mix is so loose and airy, you don't need any heavy-duty tools. A small spade and garden claw will do the trick.

Be sure to get ones you like: I was annoyed by my bright orange spade and green garden claw for years. So, I made my own. They look a lot nicer πŸ˜‰

If you need a bucket, any bucket will do. I have the big plastic ones that they use for construction, so they'll last a long time. For watering small seedlings and seeds, I like to reuse plastic deli containers or yogurt cups. Free and easy. I dip the container in the bucket of water and use it to pour.

Buy or make your own plant labels. Then you'll never forget what you sowed.

Oh yeah, and harvesting is easiest with shears or scissors. I use ordinary household scissors: they work best.

Seeds for a Planty Garden

Almost any vegetables can grow in garden boxes or containers. But. Some species grow better than others. This has to do with how big they get, how they grow, how fast they grow, and if they grow easily.

For example, I never put ordinary curly kale in my Planty Garden because it takes up half the garden box. Instead, I go for the beautiful dino kale: cavolo nero. It's just as healthy, even tastier, and - because it grows upward - it fits into 1 square patch.
Dino kale grows great in small spaces
We're very choosey when it comes to our seeds. We only sell vegetable seeds that are great for garden boxes: easy, fun, and fast-growing. Every year, we'll add a few more.

On the seed bags you'll find all the information you need for growing in a Planty Garden: how and when to sow them, where to put them in your garden box, how many in a square patch, and which plant family they belong to.
Our very own MM-Seeds
Another great thing about these seeds? They're all described in our free app. The app walks you through how to sow, care for, and harvest each vegetable.

Since we don't put ridiculously large quantities in a bag - what can you do with 1,000 heads of lettuce? - we can sell them at an affordable price. Especially if you order them as part of a seed pack.
Of course, the seeds are responsibly sourced, non-GMO, and bee-friendly. That's important to us. We also thoroughly tested all species to make sure they fit our growing system.

When deciding on your seeds, get a few different kinds. Then you can enjoy a huge variety when harvesting.

Seeds are inexpensive, especially when compared to buying plants. So, don't skimp on them. If you just grow a few heads of lettuce and some parsley in your garden box, you won't get to have the full experience of a true vegetable garden.
Lots of variety is good your garden and really fun for you

Get off to a good start

Want to make sure you get everything right from the start?

We've made it easy. Just use the free app.
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Our books (sorry: not translated yet)

Planty Gardening App

Planty Gardening app makes growing your own food easier than ever. It works perfectly with our growing system. It's available for free in the App store and for Android. 
The free Planty Gardening app
In the app, you set up your own garden box(es) - in various sizes - and choose what you want to grow in each square patch. You can add MM-Minis too.

From that moment on, the app takes you by the hand. It tells you which vegetables work best in that square patch and explains exactly what to do. Step by step.

Sowing, thinning out, tending to, harvesting: everything is explained clearly and at the right moment. When it's time to take the next step, you get a notification.

The app works seamlessly with our garden boxes, soil mix, and seeds. We're really proud of it.

Congratulations - now you know (almost) everything

So, let's say you did all that: you now have a fantastic Planty Garden. Wasn't too bad, was it? πŸ™‚

I'm willing to bet you'll love vegetable gardening as much as I do. It's so much fun to watch everything grow and bloom. And it's a great feeling to serve meals made from harvests I grew myself.

Really: everything tastes better than store-bought produce. It just does.
Your own carrots just taste better than store-bought

Let's keep in touch

I hope you have a lot of fun with your Planty Garden, and I'm curious to hear how it goes. So let's stay in touch.

Sign up for the newsletter - if you haven't already. I'll keep you posted on what I'm working on, tips for the season, and what I'm doing in my own garden.

If you want to show off your Planty Garden, please do. πŸ™‚

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For questions or anything else on your mind, you can reach out to us via email here.
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See you soon!

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