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How do you plan a Planty Garden?

Want to start a Planty Garden? Great. Then it's good to know exactly what you want. And what's possible.

Here are some tips for planning your Planty Garden.
De start van onze nieuwe MM
Starting the Planty Garden

What to sow and how much?

It's been on your mind for a while now. You'd really like to start growing your own vegetables. But, you don't feel like spending all your time on it.

Then you discovered us 🙂  You checked out the site, downloaded the app, and thought to yourself: "Yeah, I'm in."

You can just see it now: your table full of delicious vegetables on a beautiful summer day.
All this from your own vegetable garden

But what exactly do you want, is it possible, and where's the ideal place for your vegetable garden?

If you're not sure which direction you want to go, don't worry. Here are a few ideas from people who were once just starting out, like you.

Planning your garden

Once you've seen how others do it, it's time to figure out what you want and make sure it's possible.

So: why do you want a vegetable garden?

Is it so you can:
  • spend time outside?
  • do something fun with your kids?
  • or produce as many vegetables as possible?
A fresh harvest
What do you want to grow and how much do you want to harvest?

Do you want:
  • to eat fresh lettuce from your own garden every day?
  • to be completely self-sufficient?
  • or just have a nice hobby and regularly harvest something for a meal?
You don't have to choose just one: with a Planty Garden you can usually do all of the above.

Start slow or dive in?

Some people are so enthusiastic that they start right away with a lot of garden boxes. They think that they won't harvest enough from just one.

But starting small doesn't mean harvesting small. One or two garden boxes can produce a lot. Up to 5x as much as a traditional vegetable garden grown in rows.
You produce a lot from just one garden box
On top of that, you can easily expand your vegetable garden with a few MM-Minis. These little grow bags are ideal for plants you just don't have room for, but still want to grow.
MM-Minis add a little extra space to your garden
You can read more about how many vegetable patches you need in order to harvest pretty much year-round - and why it's usually better to start small.

Choose the best spot

Once you know if you want to start big or small, it's time for the next step. 

What's the best place for your Planty Garden, where do you put your boxes, and what else do you need to keep in mind?

The most important thing is sunlight.
Sunflower soaking up some rays

6 - 8 hours of sun

Plants need sunlight to grow. That's how they produce most of their own nutrients. So, you want to put your garden box somewhere with at least 6 hours of sunlight a day.

Six hours is enough for leafy greens. Most other vegetables do best with 8 hours of sunlight. Tomatoes, zucchinis, and other sun-loving plants prefer a little more.
Zucchinis need more sun than your lettuces

Keep your garden in view

Put your garden boxes and grow bags as close to your kitchen as you can. If you can see them from your window, even better. You can quickly pop out to the garden and grab some fresh ingredients while you're cooking.

You can easily forget a garden box if it's hidden away somewhere in the back, or tucked behind a hedge. You just won't harvest as often. And you probably won't take care of it as well. It's true what they say: out of sight, out of mind.
Our garden right outside the kitchen
More tips in the library

You can find more tips on how to find out the best location for your vegetable garden in the Planty library.

The article about how to pick the best spot covers things like:
  • how to find out the number of hours of sun you get
  • how to keep track of shade
  • keeping the wind in mind
  • paying attention to drainage
  • having enough space to work
More info here:
So, now you can get going on your Planty Garden plan.

You'll produce a ton, and enjoy it for years to come. 

Have fun!

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