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Everything about the vegetables in a Planty Garden

Which vegetables are great for a growing in garden boxes and which are best to avoid? Here's everything you need to know about vegetables that grow quickly and easily - or not at all.
Which vegetables do you choose?

Grow plant varieties that produce a lot

In a Planty Garden, you grow the maximum amount in a small area.

So choose vegetables that:
  • grow quickly but don't take up too much space
  • produce a lot
  • are delicious
  • you can enjoy for as long as possible
As for vegetables that don't meet these standards? Avoid them.

Simple, right? But how exactly?

How do you choose your seeds? How do you know which will produce a lot and which won't? What should you keep in mind when sowing in a Planty garden box?

I'll walk you through it.
Veel en gevarieerd oogsten: dat is het doel van een Makkelijke Moestuin
Lots of variety is what we're going for

What I sowed when I started

When I was just starting out, I knew nothing about vegetables. I knew what I liked, but had no idea how they grew or how to take care of them.

So, I stuck to the Square Foot Gardening book and mostly sowed what was in there.

I bought seeds at the garden center around the corner. Simple varieties, nothing special, and no more than about 10 different types: some beans, zucchini, and tomatoes.
Mijn eerste Makkelijke Moestuin-bakken
My first Planty Garden
That went pretty well at the time. To everyone's surprise, my plants produced a lot. 

I harvested even more than my mom, who was busy cultivating all kinds of specialty seeds.

So - after doing this for a decade or so - I know exactly what to sow

If you ask me what the best vegetables are, I won't beat around the bush: the ones in our seed shop.
Planty Gardening seeds
"Sure, Jelle - I get it. You want to sell your seeds."

True, I do. But that's not it. After years of doing this, trying things out to see what really works and what doesn't, we only sell seeds that will do well.

I'm sure there are other seed types that would also work just fine, but we're 100% sure about these ones.

Here's more info about why ours seeds work so well.

What won't you sow, but would still work?

You can sow most vegetables and herbs just fine, like cilantro, dill, and basil. But for some, it's better to plant seedlings instead.

Like parsley. If you sow parsley it can take up to 5 months before you harvest your first sprig. That's why I buy 4 small plants - for 1 Euro or so - in March, put them in a garden box, start harvesting after about 4 weeks, and have more than enough for the rest of the year.
4 parsley plants fit in 1 square patch
And you only need 1 chive plant for the rest of your life:
A chive plant keeps going forever
Learn how to grow chives here.

Want to plant potatoes? Great. Just use small ones. Onions? Sure: 16 can grow in one square patch.

For impressive garlic bulbs, put some cloves in your garden box in the fall. You can harvest them after 6 months. If you sow them from seed, add a year.
Home-grown garlic

Which vegetables are you better off skipping?

By now I've learned all about that. Either from my own experience, my mom's, or hearing from other gardeners.

So, you know a vegetable is not a good match when it:
  • fails more often than it succeeds - like cauliflower
  • takes over most of your garden box - like broccoli
  • attracts way too many pests
  • isn't compatible with the climate - like watermelon
  • or takes way too long to grow - like parsnips
Broccoli will consume most of your Planty Garden, for a whole season
So, those are the no-gos. 

Plus all the other vegetables that you don't like, that hardly produce anything, or that take a crazy amount of effort before you can eat them. Because you probably won't end up doing it if it's a hassle, right?

Going for the gold

Well, that's about it. Now you know everything I know: which vegetables work and which don't.

Start with the good stuff that's guaranteed to grow - especially if you're a beginner.

We're going for grow-your-own gold here. Our goal? To make sure you're ridiculously happy with your vegetable garden and proud of it too.

So, choose the plants that you know will do well. And that comes with step-by-step guidance from the app.

You can find them all in the shop.
Have fun selecting your seeds!

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