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The best place for your vegetable garden

The best spot for your Planty Garden? Close to your kitchen, in the sun, a little protected from the wind, and away from trees and bushes.

Here you'll find all the info you need about where you should (and shouldn't) place your garden boxes or grow bags.
Out the back door and into the garden

Vegetables need 6-8 hours of sun

Plants need sunlight to grow. That's how they produce most of their own nutrients.
Plants need sunlight to produce nutrients
So, put your garden box in a spot that gets at least 6 hours of sunlight a day. That's enough for leafy greens.

Your other vegetables do best with 8 hours of sunlight. Tomatoes and other sun-loving vegetables prefer a little more.
Struiktomaat geeft in de volle zon meer en lekkerder tomaten
Yellomatoes produce lots of tomatoes when they get enough sun

How do you figure out how many hours of sunlight there are?

First, look around at which areas get sun.

Then, check those spots at different times of the day. For example, some spots may be in full sun in the morning but by afternoon get a lot of shade.

Keep the time of year in mind too. A place that's in the shade in early spring may get enough direct sunlight in summer: the sun stays much much higher in the sky then.

In almost every yard or garden area, you can find a spot that gets 8 hours of sunlight. And it might not be the most obvious place. Maybe your front yard is better than the back yard - like Karina's:
Bij Karina staat de Makkelijke Moestuinbakken in de voortuin
Karina keeps her garden boxes in the front yard
Or you may need to place your grow bags or boxes higher up so they reach enough sunlight.
Makkelijke Moestuin mini's plaats je makkelijk op een verhoging
The MM-Minis can be moved onto a table or pallet easily
In short: find the best sun you can. It can mean the difference between a pretty good harvest and a great harvest.

Watch out for the shade

Shade moves around. Sometimes a spot looks sunny enough in the morning, but after noon it's shaded by a building. Then your plants won't get enough sunlight.
's Morgens in de zon, 's middags in de schaduw
Morning sun, afternoon shade
Buildings aren't the only culprits. Keep trees and bushes in mind too: they grow faster than you think. Before you know it, they'll overshadow your vegetable garden box.

Protection from the wind

If you can, protect your garden from the wind.

In most places, this shouldn't be a problem. But here in our garden, the wind is unpredictable. The wind-whipped plants don't look as perky as the protected plants.

If you garden on an open roof terrace, a wind barrier can help.

A dry area

Your garden needs to get rid of excess water. So, avoid a spot that where water collects. Especially after heavy rain.
Our garden tables drain any excess water
Otherwise, a Planty garden box can go almost anywhere because it takes up so little space. A mini garden, balcony, roof terrace, back yard, the roof of your shed: anything goes.

Or how about your front yard? You'll get plenty of attention from neighbors and semi-rock star status.

Do you want to start with 2 or 3 boxes? Nice. Feel free to put them in different places: they don't necessarily have to be near each other.

Keep it in view

It's 100% true what they say: out of sight, out of mind. Is your garden box at the very back of your back yard? Or hidden behind a hedge? Chances are you'll forget about it: you'll harvest less and less and even watering gets away from you.

It's an easy fix: place your vegetable garden box as close to your kitchen as possible. Ideally, you want to see it from your window. Then you can easily walk into your vegetable garden while you're cooking and pick something delicious.
Garden boxes close to the kitchen make harvesting even easier

Don't forget to make it accessible

You want to be able to get to your Planty Garden and reach your vegetables easily. It can be tough to access them if your garden boxes are right next to each other. Make a path for yourself, so you feel welcome in your own vegetable garden 🙂

As your plants get bigger, they're going to grow over the edge. If you leave some space between the garden boxes, this won't be an issue.

Do you have 2 garden boxes with racks or trellises? Keep a gap of at least 90 cm between them: then they won't be in each other's shadow.
Even when the garden's full, there's still room for you

Got a spot in mind?

Have an idea where you want to place your Planty Garden? Great.

Then you're ready for your Planty Garden hardware. Let's start with the garden box first:

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