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Starting a mini vegetable garden

What if you're not ready for a garden box yet, but you still want to grow something? Then start in miniature: in our MM-Mini.
Een Makkelijke Moestuin op mini formaat
With an MM-Mini grow bag you can get right to it: you fill it with soil mix, water it, and start sowing.

An MM-Mini can fit anywhere, works for small and large plants, and are easy to move from place to place.

The start of the season

Everyone gets excited when early spring hits. We're all itching to get into the garden. Dreaming of flowers, bees, and harvesting fresh vegetables. 

We start the growing season on March 1 and invite all Planty gardeners to start too. Together we plant thousands of seeds into the soil mix. 

But what if you can't or don't want to start yet?

Maybe you're moving, the yard isn't ready, it's still too cold outside for you, or you don't know exactly how you want to start. Maybe you don't have enough space - or at least, that's what you think 😉

Starting now, but starting small

We've made an alternative for you: the MM-Mini. So you can start your Planty Garden, but do it in miniature. Sow a few seeds and enjoy your first cute little seedlings. 

You can't resist these little guys, can you? 
Zaailingen van radijs in de Makkelijke Moestuin mini
The first radish seedlings
"Good idea, Jelle. I still have a pot somewhere."

Hmmm, well, I didn't mean that. Sowing in pots is very different from sowing in an MM-Mini. It has all kinds of advantages that pots don't have.

An MM-Mini is the exact size of 1 garden patch and is included in the app

So, you'll get step-by-step assistance from seed to harvest. That's not how pots work last time I checked 😉
De Makkelijke Moestuin app gebruik je ook voor de mini potten

Plants grow better in MM-Minis than in pots

Why? Because the material is super breathable.

The problem with ordinary pots is that roots continue to grow in endless circles along the wall of the pot. Those roots are so busy trying to grow longer, they don't produce enough nutrients and eventually suffocate themselves. 

You've probably seen it before:
Een potplant met veel te veel wortels verstikt zichzelf op den duur
Plants in a normal pot produce roots that grow endlessly
The MM-Mini is made of a felt material that allows air to pass through it. As soon as a root touches the felt, it stops growing. The plant then produces young, healthy roots. This helps the plant grow better and stronger. 

This process is called air pruning. 

Looks a bit different, doesn't it?
Gezonde wortelgroei in een vilten pot die lucht doorlaat
Healthy root growth means lots of small roots
These New Zealand spinach plants lasted all season, thanks to their healthy root ball 🙂  So, plants in an MM-Mini grow just as well as they do in a garden box. 

Made from recycled plastic

You probably agree with me: all that plastic in the world is a big problem. By growing your own vegetables, you already avoid a lot of plastic packaging. But with an MM-Mini you go the extra mile. 

The MM-Minis are made from 100% recycled plastic bottles:
Makkelijke Moestuin Mini's worden gemaakt van gerecyclede plastic flesjes
From bottles to felt
The material is super strong and lasts for years.

Great for early spring

This early in the spring the weather is unpredictable. Sometimes, it's nice and warm and the sun is shining. Sometimes it's freezing cold or raining like crazy.

That's no problem for your MM-Mini. You can easily move it to the sunniest spot. And if it's freezing you can bring it inside. Or cover it with a crop cover, like the MM-Muts
In het vroege voorjaar bescherm je Makkelijke Moestuin mini's heel makkelijk met een moestuinmuts
'Chilling' under the MM-Muts
"Ok, I get it. The MM-Mini sounds amazing and all. But what do I do with it when I start growing in garden boxes later?"

I'm willing to bet you'll keep using it. Not only do we have a ridiculous number of garden boxes here, but we also use a lot of minis too. 
In onze eigen Makkelijke Moestuin staan zowel moestuinbakken als MM-mini potten
A corner of our Planty Garden

MM-Mini's are super handy all year round

Spring, summer, fall: all our seeds grow great in the MM-Mini. Each MM-Mini is a separate vegetable patch, so the plants get more room. 

For some plant varieties, 6 separate MM-Minis can produce more than 6 patches in a garden box. 
In een Makkelijke Moestuin Mini krijgen je groentes volop ruimte
So, if your beans spill over the side it doesn't matter:
Boterboontjes in een Makkelijke Moestuin mini pot
Butter beans
More than 1 herb in your garden box is a tight squeeze, but the MM-Mini can handle 3:
Meerdere kruindenplanten in één Makkelijke Moestuin Mini pot
Rosemary, sage and thyme fit in 1 MM-Mini
Those plants were tiny in the spring, but they shot up end of summer. 

For potatoes, the MM-Mini is perfect: 5x higher yield than when you grow them in the dirt. 
Grote opbrengst aan aardappels in een Makkelijke Moestuin Mini pot
Robbin harvesting potatoes
The potatoes are ready to harvest when the plant's leaves get brown and tired. And if it's too ugly for you, just tuck the MM-Mini out of sight for a while.

Read more here about growing potatoes in pots and grow bags.

And then there's mint. It grows like a weed, so you definitely don't want that in your garden box 😉 

So put it in an MM-Mini:
Muntplanten woekeren enorm: zet ze liever in een Makkelijke Moestuin Mini
NZ spinach, seedlings, and peppermint

Vegetables on the move

The MM-Minis are so small and light, you can easily move them around your garden.
De Makkelijke Moestuin Mini's kan je makkelijk even verplaatsen
More sun over there? Off you go
That's not only handy when bad weather hits, but also in sweltering heat waves. Just place your mini under a parasol. 
Bij extreme hitte zet je je Makkelijke Moestuin mini potten onder een parasol
MM-Minis enjoying the shade during a heatwave

Clean again in no time

And does it get dirty? Sure it will. But just harvest your plants and empty out the soil mix into a bag. You can brush off any mud and roots easily.

You can even wash your MM-Mini in soapy water. 
Een MM-mini maak je makkelijk weer schoon
Bath time

Ready to sow?

So, turns out it's even easier than you thought to start your own Planty Garden 😉 

Even if you don't have any garden boxes yet or your yard's still a mess. 

You can buy an MM-Mini for 10 Euro. Add some soil mix and seeds and you've got an edible garden for under 25 Euro. 

It's also a great gift. MM-Minis come in all kinds of colors:
Enjoy your mini Planty Garden!


We've also got a nice MM-Mini gift set. Soil mix and seeds included:

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