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Start a vegetable garden in no time? You can with our garden boxes

From empty space to edible oasis in a few months? No sweat. If you use the right materials.
From empty back yard to this in 2 months
Yup, with the right materials, it's easy to do:
  • 1 or more sturdy garden boxes with the right dimensions
  • the best soil mix you can get (hint: the MM-Mix)
  • a clear division of square vegetable patches so your plants are always in the right place and have enough room to grow
  • and vegetables suitable for growing in a garden box
All you need is a spot with at least 6 - 8 hours of sunlight - preferably in a spot with some protection from the wind.

Edible oasis? You mean a raised bed with dirt and a couple heads of lettuce?

No, I mean a real, full-fledged vegetable garden. Of course, it depends on the space you have, but even from a single garden box, you can harvest more than you think.

To give you an idea: on July 1, I sowed an MM-bamboo garden table.

This is what it looked like on June 17:
MM-bamboo: 17 days after sowing
This is the same garden table on July 31:
Exactly 1 month after sowing
And just 8 days after that, the whole garden box was so full, we had to do some serious harvesting so the plants didn't overcrowd each other.

It was high time to empty a few patches completely and sow something new.
Time to harvest pretty much everything and sow some patches again
Not bad, right?

In this blog, I'll show you how you can turn a bare patch of land into a vegetable garden in no time and harvest from it every day for at least six months. Enough vegetables for 4-6 people.

Come, I'll show you.

From nothing to something

In early May 2021, I decided to create a new show garden to take pictures of and harvest from.

We removed all the old garden boxes and started fresh on our bare gravel lot.
The empty garden with gravel
We also gave the building a fresh coat of paint. It's more fun as a background 🙂
A fresh coat of paint to brighten up the garden
By the end of May, we had the first garden boxes in place: 2 large MM-Hero's with trellis and a smaller MM-Hero vegetable garden box. We placed 2 MM-Airbaks with strawberries and herbs along the fence, along with some MM-Minis too.  

Outside this shot is another MM-Airbak with potatoes and 3 older wooden garden boxes of 60x90 cm with raspberries and wild strawberries.
The first garden boxes

Time to plant and sow

It went fast after that. I planted my pre-sown summer vegetables and sowed the square patches in each garden box. At this time of year, everything generally grows really well - and fast. 2021 was no exception.

On June 8, it looked like this:
Lots of young plants coming up strong
Just 2 weeks later I started harvesting the first arugola leaves. From that point on, we got all of our lettuce from the garden.
Arugola: just 3 weeks after sowing
At the end of June, we got our newest garden boxes: the MM-bamboos. Made from thick planks of durable bamboo.

I'm super happy with them. I put 1 MM-bamboo garden box on the ground, and the other on legs. There's a few more photos at the top of the page.
MM-bamboos complete the garden, don't you think?
In July, all the garden boxes were full and ready to harvest. Tons of snow peas, the first beans, cucumbers, zucchini, tomatoes: you name it.

And all that in just over 2 months 😀
Lots of harvest and plenty cucumbers
On August 1, I added the last garden box: a small MM-bamboo vegetable garden table.
MM-bamboo garden table
So in total, we had a total of 120x120 cm garden boxes with trellis, 1 garden table of 120x120 cm and 2 garden tables of 60x120, 2 Airbaks of 60x60, a garden box of 60x120 against the fence, and some MM-minis.

On the far left of the photo, you can still see a part of the garden box with raspberries. On the right - just out of view - is the MM-Airbak with potatoes. I harvested almost 3 kilos of potatoes from that MM-Airbak in early August.

All in all, I think the garden looks pretty complete.
Mid-August and the garden is ready
We harvested a lot. In August everything grew so much, it was almost too much.
The bacon beans and Romano pole beans keep on coming
We didn't know what to do with all that harvest. Luckily, the neighbors around town helped us eat everything.
So much harvest, I couldn't eat it all myself 🙂
In September and October, the harvesting continued. Pumpkins, endive, beets, carrots, zucchini: too much to mention.
Baby pumpkin at the beginning of September: almost ready to harvest
From September until well into November, we harvested a bowl of raspberries every day.

Those 6 raspberry bushes produced a lot: more than 4.5 kilos. In the store, you can easily spend 100 euros on that 😉
Raspberry plants just won't quit
Around mid-October, I removed the tired-looking plants. Just to keep things nice and tidy.
Here's what the last harvests from the MM-bamboo table looked like:
The last beets and carrots from the garden table
I sowed those patches again right away with vegetables that could handle the cold. I then covered it with an MM-muts crop cover for extra protection.

In late fall, the growth process slowed down. But after a month we still had plenty to show for it:
Vegetables coming up mid-November
There was still enough to harvest from the other garden boxes, but you can already tell that the season was nearly over.
Mid-November: harvesting in the mist
Even after we'd harvested and cleared out almost all the square patches, there was still plenty in the winter months: chard, dino kale, and a ton of winter purslane.

So, you get the idea, right? 🙂 And that's just a snapshot. If I'd shared everything, you'd be scrolling forever. But at least you now know that in a few months you can go from an empty yard to harvesting every day.

And most importantly: you don't need to know much - or anything - about plants. We have a fun and free gardening app for that. It guides you from seed to harvest.

In the shop you can find everything you need to get started:
Have fun in your Planty Garden!

PS: Want another example?

The area highlighted here was a completely neglected and empty back yard in 2019. At the beginning of that year, I turned it into a sample and test garden.

Check out the 2019 overview.

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