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Placing your garden box and filling it with soil mix

So, you know where you want to put your vegetable garden, you've got 1 or more garden box(es) ready, and you've got all the bags of MM-Mix that you need.

Now it's time to put your Planty Garden in its new home and add the soil mix.
Planty garden boxes on gravel
First, prepare the chosen spot. It makes a difference whether you place your garden box directly on dirt, grass, or gravel, or on a tiled terrace.

So many choices 😉

On dirt, gravel, or grass

If you place your garden box on top of soil or dirt, then the ground should be level. That way your garden box will be level too. Remove any large rocks, clumps of grass, or nettles.

For gravel, rake it out so the surface is smooth. A flat grass lawn can be left as it is.

Always place a weed mat at the bottom of your garden box to separate it from the ground. This will prevent weeds from growing into it from below. It'll save you work later on.

The weed cloth also ensures that the MM-Mix won't mix with the soil underneath. That would just be a waste, wouldn't it?
Plaatsing van onze Makkelijke Moestuinbakken op grind
We flattened out all the gravel before putting these boxes down

Garden boxes on tiles, deck, or a balcony

If you want to place your garden box on a tiled deck, patio, or roof, then I would either use a garden box with a bottom or put down a weed mat.

In any case, always make sure that excess water can drain away.

If you have tiles that are right next to each other, or a concrete balcony, you definitely need a bottom. Or, you can make a kind of platform using a few tiles or some planks. Lay the weed mat on top and then put down your garden box. Pallets work great for this.

Okay, is your box in place?

Fill up your garden box with soil mix

Now it's time to add the soil mix. That's easy: just cut open the bags of MM-Mix and pour the contents into the box.

As you go, make the soil mix is nice and airy. Sometimes it gets a little compacted in the bags, so break up any lumps and loosen up the mix. It should feel nice running through your fingers. Never mash or press it down.
Makkelijke Moestuinbak vullen met mix
Adding the soil mix (and assembling the trellis)
Fill your garden box with a layer of about 18-20 cm. Don't be too stingy: the MM-Mix will sink down over time.

A starter kit with soil mix included comes with the right amount.

If you want to right away, get the soil mix damp. This works best if you do it in stages: first, add a few bags of MM-Mix, loosen it up, then some water, add another bag of soil mix, more water, and so on.

You only need it to be moist. Soaking wet is too much.
Wet the soil mix so you're ready to sow

Place your grid on top

Next, rake the soil mix so it's nice and flat. Then place the grid on top. Without a grid, it's not a Planty Garden 😉

Why is the grid resting on the soil mix and not attached to your garden box?

It's just more practical. Later on, you'll mix in fresh nutrients and remove roots. That's pretty much impossible with a fixed grid.

Ready to go

That's that. The hard work is done: the garden box is ready to go.

Just a few small things, and then you're ready to fill your Planty Garden with delicious vegetables:

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