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The MM-Mix

You don't use potting soil or dirt dug up from the back yard in a Planty Garden. You use a special soil mix made specifically for growing vegetables in garden boxes. All your plants do well in the MM-Mix.
Our soil mix: the MM-Mix
When I talked about the Planty Gardening system, I explained why we work with a special soil mix.

In short: it's an essential part of every Planty Garden's success. It's completely different from using compost or regular soil.
Essential for growing in containers and garden boxes: the MM-Mix

What is the MM-Mix?

The MM-Mix includes a combination of nutritious compost, fibers (like brown peat, cocopeat, and wood fibers), and coarse vermiculite.

This soil mix is easy to work with, gives your plants everything they need, and retains water without getting too soggy.

You can leave this soil mix in your garden boxes for years and never have to replace it - unlike potting soil.

You don't have to bother with weird fertilizers either. When your plants need a nutrient boost, you just sprinkle our all-natural plant food on top. So you're using natural materials, and less of it. How sustainable is that?
Zucchinis get an extra nutrient boost mid-season

Ready-to-use soil mix

Since we first started making the MM-Mix, we've made the recipe better and better. You can order it directly in the shop.

We deliver the bags of MM-Mix directly to your front door. Up to 14 bags we do it in boxes, above that on pallets.

You can also find the MM-Mix at resellers in the Netherlands and Belgium. Many of them are enthusiastic growers like you and are more than happy to share their experiences.

You'll find the link to the map in the header of our Dutch site. (To get there, go first to the footer and change the language in 'Nederlands')
MM-mix: the best soil voor you Planty boxes

In de shop

The MM-Mix will last for years to come.

Once it's in your garden box, you never have to replace it. You'll see: all you need for the rest of your gardening career is some MM-Plantfood and the occasional fresh bag of MM-Mix to top it off.

The soil mix ensures great results. And the eternal struggle of improving soil or dumping out used potting soil is a thing of the past.

Just look at Ria's garden boxes:
Notice the sunflower🌻 This is what Ria wrote about it.

"You see the sunflower in the Planty garden box? Thick stem and already pretty tall.

Below you see the difference between that sunflower and the one I planted in my other soil same time. It's stem is thin and it'll take some time before it is as tall as the other one."
Links de zonnebloem in Makkelijke Moestuin-mix, rechts die in de volle grond
Left: the sunflower in the Planty Garden. Right: one in normal soil

Beware: other soil mixes aren't the same

Over the past few years, other companies - like Pokon - have started to sell soil mixes for vegetable gardens. At first glance, the one from Pokon even looks suspiciously like our MM-Mix. But don't fall for it: they're really different.

For example, Pokon's mix contains less vermiculite. A lot less. That's not surprising because vermiculite is by far the most expensive ingredient. They also add a lot of fertilizers and wood chips instead of compost and natural nutrients.

Dagmar used Pokon's soil mix and the MM-Mix and wrote this review:

"The MM-soil mix is highly recommended: much better than regular potting soil or Pokon. Speaking from my own experience, the MM-Mix for vegetable gardening is the best." 

What's next?

Heb je de echte Makkelijke Moestuinmix? Dan gaan we nu naar de volgende stap: het plaatsen en vullen van de moestuinbak.

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