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How many vegetable garden beds do you need?

Why do you want a vegetable garden and how much do you want to harvest? Once you know that, you can determine how many beds you need. In a Makkelijke Moestuin, you need fewer beds than you might think.
You can already harvest a surprising amount from 24 vegetable garden beds.

What do you find enjoyable about a vegetable garden?

Do you want that because:
  • you enjoy being outside?
  • you want to do something fun with your children?
  • or is it purely about the harvest?
Harvesting from the vegetable garden box in spring

What do you want to grow and how much do you want to harvest?

Do you want:
  • fresh lettuce from your own garden every day?
  • to be completely self-sufficient?
  • or just a nice hobby and regularly harvest something for a meal?
Not that one has to exclude the other: with a Planty Garden you can often do all of the above 😉

How many garden boxes are right for you?

A lot of people think that a Planty Garden is so small and compact, you can't possibly harvest that much from it. But the opposite is true. APlanty Garden yields 5x as much per square meter as a regular vegetable garden grown in rows.

Let me translate that to boxes:

A 120x120 cm garden box can feed 1-2 adults fresh salads for the whole growing season. By salads, I don't just mean different types of lettuce, but all those delicious extras too: tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, and beets.

You can even enjoy some greens well into winter.
Harvesting lettuce the whole year through
Plus, if you add another garden box, you grow even more. Add some (edible) flowers if you like.

If you also want to freeze your vegetables or give some away to family and friends, then a 3rd garden box will do the trick.

A smaller box is perfect for kids

Smaller garden boxes are great for kids. For ages 11 and up, a 60x120 cm garden box works best. Or a couple of MM-Minis are good for the young ones.
Fewer square patches are better for younger kids

How many garden boxes will feed the whole family?

Well, how big is your family? And what do you all like to eat?

When I was growing vegetables as a teenager, there were four of us. I was 14, my brother Arjen was 15, so we ate a lot. Way more than my parents.

I started with 4 garden boxes of 120x120 cm. We harvested more than we could eat ourselves.

More came later because my mom went overboard with her strawberries, flowers, herbs, and raspberries.

Plan out your vegetable garden and start small

Once in a while, I hear: "Easy for you to say, Jelle. You have a big back yard. I don't have that much space."That's fine. A big yard isn't necessary.

Because if you sow 1 garden box really well from the start - and keep it fully stocked throughout the year - you can harvest a lot from it. From just a single box.

(Too) many garden boxes

Enthusiastic? Nice. But there's no need to go big when you're just starting out. 
Veel of te veel Makkelijke Moestuinbakken?
A huge Planty Garden with a lot of garden boxes
Enthusiasm is great, nothing wrong with that. But there is such a thing as too many garden boxes and garden tables.

It's not about the amount of work. We easily maintain our 16 garden boxes in about an hour a week.

This is the issue:

People who set up more boxes than they really need usually get careless. They no longer sow with the system, randomly grow whatever, and don't immediately re-sow when a patch is empty. A garden box like that doesn't yield half as much as it could. So, you've got twice the number of boxes with less-than-great results.

Need another reason to start small?

If you set up a vegetable garden box and aren't excited about it, at the end of the year you can remove it in no time. If you start with 12 boxes, that's a different story. And a big waste.

There's a pretty big chance that when you start small, you'll get really into it. Like I did.

Then it's easy to expand your garden. You can add a few MM-Minis. They're ideal for those plants you'd love to have but don't quite have room for. 

You'll be amazed at how much you can harvest from 1 or 2 garden boxes or a few MM-Minis.
MM-Minis in the Planty Garden

Can't wait to start?

You've got some options. You can start with the MM-Minis, which are the size of a square vegetable patch. Or you can go for a MM-Hero with 16 square patches and a trellis.
Startpakket Makkelijke Moestuin Hero met zaden, mix en klimreklimrek
MM-Hero starter kit comes with seeds, MM-Mix and trellis
Our deluxe MM-bamboo with legs and bottom

Next steps

Got an idea what you want? And how many garden boxes you need?

Then you're ready for the next step: choosing the best spot for your Planty Garden:

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