Seeds for your Planty Garden

What makes the Planty Garden so successful? In large part, the kinds of vegetables and herbs we put in it.

So we only offer seeds that work perfectly with our growing system. Here, I'll show you what I mean.

Our vegetables have superpowers

Many of our seeds may seem familiar but they're actually really special. For example, our zucchini can climb a trellis and our radishes grow really big.

Our dino kale only needs 30x30 cm to grow, but it's fellow kales easily take up a full square meter.

Our peas can be harvested in the winter, the New Zealand spinach grows in the heat of summer, and the winter purslane can be harvested all year round.

U-Pick vegetables

I like to pick leaves from a number of different plants, rather than harvest 20 heads of lettuce at once. The plants just keep growing, so I can harvest again and again.

The earlier you start picking, the longer you can harvest. This doesn't just apply to lettuce, but to snow peas, beans, zucchini, and tomatoes.

Variety is key

A Planty Garden grows a variatie of different vegetables together in one garden box.

You'll not only get a very varied harvest. All the vegetables work together to prevent diseases and control pests in a natural way.

The flowers also help: the sunflower attracts bees, nasturtiums lure caterpillars, and marigolds repel nasty parasites.

These varieties always succeed

The vegetable, herb, and flower seeds in our shop work 100% perfectly with the Planty Gardening system and app.

So you don't need any experience or green thumbs. With the help of the app, your vegetable garden can't go wrong.
The seeds in the Planty Garden seed shop all work perfectly with our system and app.

Plenty to start with

So, if you're just starting a Planty Garden, stick to our seed varieties at first. We've got 40 or so to choose from. Those will give you more than enough variation and the app will guide you step-by-step.

Once you have a growing season under your belt, you can always experiment with other types of vegetables. But apart from some herbs, I still only grow our seeds. Why mess with perfection? 😉
Our seeds are all you need to start growing your own vegetable garden.
You can find the seeds in the shop: in handy collections or separately.

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