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How do you set up a vegetable garden super fast?

From empty space to edible oasis in a few months? Without too much effort? With our garden boxes, no problem.
From empty back yard to this in 3 months
For years, the garden area next to our office looked pretty sad. Not the best way to show our company to the world.

In 2019, I decided we needed to make a change. I wanted to show that - with the right materials - you really can make a beautiful full-fledged vegetable garden in pretty much no time. And feed 6-8 people for at least 6 months from daily harvests.

Come on, I'll show you:

From nothing to something

In January 2019, our Planty Garden looked like this:
Not much to see here
I wanted to set up a nice area to photograph our materials, test out new seeds, and - of course - harvest 🙂

So: we started in the first week of February. Everything you saw before? Gone. We flattened the ground, laid down huge sheets of anti-weed cloth, and finished it off with a thick layer of gravel.
De lege tuin met grind
The clean slate: our chosen spot for the Planty Garden
That was the heavy lifting. The rest was easy. By mid-February the weather was beautiful, and I started setting up the first garden boxes.
Assembling the garden boxes
Back then we used planks made from Douglas Fir. I put together 2 of 120x120 cm - with trellis - and another of 60x120 cm.

We also threw in a nice Kroonkas greenhouse:
Our new greenhouse next to the garden area

Starting the new growing season

March 1 marked the start of the new season. So we started sowing.
The rest of the month we added more garden boxes and a few of our MM-Minis. And I made a bench and table out of old pallets, just for fun.

The first week of April looked like this:
Snow again!?
Finally, it warmed up a bit. And just 2 weeks later, we harvested our first massive radishes.

I'm not kidding you. Those came from the seeds we planted on March 1.
Our first radishes and lettuce of the year
From that moment on, we got all our lettuce from the garden. A little lettuce every day. Then more and more.

In April, we added these Planty masterpieces: 2 beautiful MM-Hero garden boxes.
Our MM-Heroes made from recycled plastic
And this was the garden in the middle of May:
Mid-May: not bad for a new vegetable garden
In late May, we'd harvested a few patches completely. So we sowed some more:
Eind mei zijn een aantal vakken al met de 2e ronde bezig
At the end of May, some of our patches were already on to the 2nd sowing round
At the beginning of June, the snow peas and sugar snaps came up strong:
Peas, peas, and more peas
In early July, we expanded our Planty Garden even more. We wanted more room to test new seeds.
The latest addition 🙂
By the end of it, we had five 120x120 cm garden boxes with trellises, seven 60x120 cm boxes, four 60x90 cm boxes for fruit, and a bunch of MM-Minis. That's excluding the greenhouse, which has 4 garden boxes of 60x120 cm.

And then? We harvested the first cucumbers, beans, and zucchini in mid-July.
De eerste snackkomkommers Iznik
The first snack cucumbers of the year
Robbin also harvested 1.8 kilos of potatoes from just 1 MM-Mini:
Robbin's mega potato harvest
Then at the end of July, the temperature hit 40°C. That's a record for the Netherlands.

A parasol helped us keep some of the more sensitive plants cool.
A parasol helped keep the plants from getting too hot
Meanwhile, the tomatoes, cucumbers, and zucchini couldn't get enough of the sun:
The summer vegetables soaking it up
In August, we harvested so much we didn't know what to do with it all.

Luckily, the neighbors around town helped us eat everything.
Free zucchini anyone?
In September and October, the growing continued. Beans, endive, beets, carrots, zucchini, tomatoes, you name it.

After a round cleaning up at end of November, we still brought in a haul:
Baby pumpkin, beets and beans
Even after we'd harvested and cleared out almost all the square patches, there was still plenty in December and January: chard, dino kale, and a ton of winter purslane.

So, you get the idea, right? 🙂 And that's just a snapshot. If I'd shared everything, you'd be scrolling forever. But at least you now know that in a few months you can go from an empty yard to harvesting every day.

You don't have to have as many garden boxes I do - that would be way too much if you're just starting out. Even 1 garden box will give you multiple harvests from each square vegetable patch.

And most importantly: you don't need to know much - or anything - about plants. We have a free gardening app for that. It guides you from seed to harvest.

So: that's it. In the shop you can find all the stuff you need to get started:
Have fun in your Planty Garden!

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