MM-Harkje RVS Claw

Product information


The only garden claw you need. Stainless steel tangs. Wooden handle with strong cord. Keeps your soil mix loose and airy. Good for raking up weeds and left-behind roots.

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The hand rake: MM-Harkje

Stainless steel garden claw with wooden handle and sturdy hanging cord. Looks as good as it feels in your hand. It’s got our logo on it too :-). Snazzy.

Do you really need a hand rake?

Oh, you don't really need it, but this little garden claw is super handy. You use it for:
  • Loosening and fluffing your mix
  • Mixing in nutrients
  • Raking up roots left behind after harvesting
  • Removing weeds
  • Loosening the top layer of soil mix after a dry spell, so that the water can seep through to the roots
  • Pulling large plants out of the bed: hook the tines under the roots
  • Removing moss at the end of winter
  • There's more but you get the picture ;-)

Specs and Material

The total length is 32 cm: 14 cm for the handle, 18 cm for the rest. 

The wooden handle has a cord, so you can hang it up on your living room wall like the masterpiece it is. Also good for easy storage in your shed. 

The tines are made of stainless steel. That's why it's super durable and will last you pretty much forever.

Durable, high quality, and a deal. Similar hand rakes are easily twice the price. 

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