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Still sowing in October?

Can you still sow in October? Definitely. A few vegetable varieties will grow just fine. With extra protection - and some luck - you'll harvest a lot from your Planty Garden yet.
End of September family dinner outside
Late September:

It's fall. For the weather experts out there, it’s been fall for a month now. For the rest of us, since September 21. 

With some luck, we'll have some mild weather and can even enjoy eating outside.

Plenty to harvest

With beautiful September weather, there’s plenty to harvest:
Oogsten Makkelijke Moestuin eind september
Hearty harvests in September
A zucchini or 2 every day, the odd carrot and beet, juicy radishes, and delicious beans. 

The more you harvest, the more vegetable patches become empty. And that begs the question:

Can you still sow now?

Officially you can't sow much in October: the Planty Gardening app only recommends a few kinds of plants. But rules? The weather doesn’t stick to those.

Record highs, too cold, too dry, too wet: weather forecasts can change from 1 extreme to another within a few days. See where I’m going with this?

So, I keep sowing with a smiIe. I don't sow everything, of course, but the seeds usually sown in September are a pretty good bet. I mostly do it for fun, because who knows - the weather could change and turn sunny and warm. 

Sure, it’s a risk. Maybe we skip the fall altogether and get snow and frost next week. As true Planty gardeners, we’re not surprised by anything anymore, are we? 
Winter purslane is growing just fine

What to sow in October

Now's a good time to sow these varieties:
You can still sow winter lettuce and spinach in October, no problem
It's also the ideal time for:
  • winter onions
  • garlic
Technically it's too late to sow these vegetables, but think it's worth a try:
Chard, Asian salad mix, and winter purslane
Keep in mind that - even when all the seedlings come up - the little ones are still slow to grow. The days are getting shorter and shorter after all.

Help your plants grow in all kinds of weather

You don’t just have to hope for a warm October - you can help by covering your garden box with a crop cover. Our specially designed MM-Muts fits like a glove: or a warm winter mitten for your garden box.

The elastic around the edges makes the fleece fit snugly around your garden box. We're really happy with them. It's not just us: we’ve made a lot of Planty gardeners happy with them too.
A fleece cover for your garden box
For now - and for the next 6 months - a crop cover like this will be your new favorite thing in the garden. It protects your plants from the cold - and hale too. It turns your garden box into a kind of cold greenhouse.

That doesn’t just help the seeds to germinate and become seedlings, but the plants also grow faster. So, the chance that you harvest something in the winter is much higher than without.

You can read all about how it works here. And if you want your own, you can find the MM-Muts in the shop. They come in 2 sizes: 60x120 and 120x120 cm. 
Have fun sowing!

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