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Help the birds through the winter

Long periods of intense frost aren't very common these days. But if it freezes this winter, the birds could use your help.

Many Planty Gardeners think so too.
Heavy snow? The birds could use some help
Lots of Planty Gardeners think so too.

Since birds have a hard time finding food in the freezing cold, Cavolonero requested we all help the birds out.

To thank them for eating up all those snails and caterpillars the rest of the year 😀
Cavelonero puts out seeds and fruit for the birds

What can you feed birds during a hard frost?

Seeds, raisins, nuts, peanuts, and fruit. Unsalted and unroasted nuts and peanuts of course.

And mealworms. No idea where you can find those 🙂

That's it. So, no stale bread, cake, cheese, or anything like that. Those have salt in them and that's not good for the birds.

High tea for the brids

Silvia threw a party for the birds. With cake, cakes, cupcakes, and bonbons made just for them.
Salt-free nut cakes for the birds
She wrote about it in detail, describing exactly how she did it (in Dutch). Complete with beautiful photos.

Everything frozen over? Give them some water too

Tap water is fine, and again: just no sugar or salt.

It doesn't matter what kind of container you serve it in. The water just needs to be in liquid form 😉

Patris's husband came up with a great solution: he placed a kind of heater in their Planty Garden to keep the water from freezing.
This bird's water dish will never freeze
In this post, you can read more about it and find some additional photos (in Dutch).

Since their feathers are pretty oily, you don't have to worry about them bathing in the water. It'll drip right off.

Just be sure to change out the water regularly.

More tips for the birds?

Would you like to help the birds through the winter, or do you have a good idea yourself?

Then make a post on Instagram or Facebook, add some photos and tag us @plantygardening. I'll add the best ideas to this page.

Have fun!

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