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A cover for your garden boxes

"Isn't it great? I've got an MM-Muts!"
"I've got a cover for my raised bed."
"Huh? You got some new blankets?"
"No, well. Kind of. It's a cover for my Planty Garden."
The MM-Muts: our fitted crop cover

The MM-Muts protects your plants

The MM-Muts keeps your plants protected from bad weather. Some people call it a crop cover or a garden fleece. The MM-Muts is different though. For one, it's designed to fit your garden box snuggly. Like a fitted sheet. Or a shower cap. Or a beanie. Snug.

The elastic band along the edges makes it easy to put on and take off. It won't blow away either.

Why do you need one? Well, the MM-Muts extends your growing season. You can start sowing earlier and harvest longer.
Easy on, easy off

Cool, so how does it work?

Let's say you want to start sowing early in the spring. If you put an MM-Muts over your garden box, the soil mix warms up a bit.

It works like an insulation blanket and keeps out the cold. Late frost? No big deal. The cloth fabric lets in sunlight during the day. 
Seedlings growing strong under the fleece
Your seeds germinate more easily, and vulnerable seedlings are less exposed to the elements.

And the rest of the year?

In the fall, the temperature usually stays warm enough. But an early frost can sneak up and kill your plants in one go. With the MM-Muts, frost is less of a threat.
Moestuinbak in het najaar beschermen tegen nachtvorst met een muts van vlies
Checking that all's well. And it is 😉
You also can sow longer. Under our crop cover, spinach, winter purslane, early peas, and winter lettuce keep growing late in the year. With a few sunny days, they'll still grow pretty quickly.
The MM-Muts can also protect your plants well into winter. If the weather is mild, you can harvest what you sowed in the fall the following spring.

If it's a hot summer, the MM-Muts protects your tender seedlings from overheating.

In butterfly season, the cover keeps them out.
Muts van vliesdoek tegen rupsen
A thing of the past?

So, it's just like a fleece cloth from the garden center?

Yes, sure.

But with elastic. So you can put it on and take it off easily. The MM-Muts fits your garden box like a glove. Well, more like a shower cap 😉

A piece of fleece from the garden center is more awkward to use. You secure it with rocks or ropes. And when the weather changes, you have to wrestle with it again and again.
The elastic edges keep the MM-Muts in place
The cloth we use for the MM-Muts is also a bit stronger than other garden fleeces. Regular fleece breaks down quickly, sometimes just after a week.

The MM-Muts lasts longer. When it's done its job, you just tuck it away until next year.

Here, let me give you an example.

This is an ordinary garden fleece:
Na een flinke sneeuwstorm is de lap half weggewaaid en geeft die nog weinig bescherming.
After a snow storm, it's blown off the corner and doesn't offer much protection
Now, the MM-Muts:
After the same snow storm, the MM-Muts still does the job

And what if your plants grow a lot?

Our crop cover leaves plenty of room to grow. The cloth is also light. So if it's in the way, the plants can push it up themselves. By the time they get really tall, you probably won't need the cover anymore.

And since they're pretty roomy, you could use them for a slightly bigger box too. Or for some MM-minis.
The smallest cover on some MM-minis

Nice. Where can I find them?

The MM-Muts comes in 2 sizes, so there are two different prices. You can find them in the shop:
It's also a perfect hang out spot
Enjoy your MM-Muts!

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