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Nutrients for your Makkelijke Moestuin Garden

In the Makkelijke Moestuin garden, we fill our garden boxes with the best soil mix: the MM-Mix. It provides your plants with plenty of oxygen, moisture, and nutrients.

You never have to replace it, but since you leave the soil mix in your Makkelijke Moestuin Garden all year, it will need a nutrient-boost once in a while.

That's what the MM-Plantfood is for.
Extra nutrients for your Planty Garden
  • works great with all vegetables, herbs, and flowers
  • 100% organic
  • easy to use
  • super effective

How do you use MM-Plantfood?

One package contains 1 kg of nutrients. That's more than enough for a 120x120 cm garden box for the whole year.

Inside the package, you'll find a scoop with dashes and numbers that indicate milliliters. 50 ml is roughly 30 grams (or 2 full tablespoons).

During the season: 50 ml/per square patch ( or 2 tbsp)

If you start your Makkelijke Moestuin Garden with a fresh bag of MM-Mix, it has enough nutrients to see you through your first harvest. You won't need to add MM-Plantfood yet.

But once you've harvested a square patch completely and you want to sow again, it's time to give your soil mix a boost.

Grab the cardboard scooper from the MM-Plantfood box. Fill it up to the 50 mark (that's 50 ml or about 30 grams or 2 tbsp). Sprinkle it over the empty plot and mix it in. You scoop from the bottom of the garden box to the top and vice versa. The app will walk you through it 😉

Then you're ready to sow something new.
Harvested a whole patch? Add some nutrients for the next round
Extra nutrients for the hungry plants: 30 ml per square patch (or 1 tbsp)

Summer vegetables like tomatoes, zucchinis, and cucumbers need more nutrients than other vegetables. They stay in the same patch for longer, so the soil mix will need a nutrient boost.

When you plant your summer vegetables, add 30 ml (or 1 tablespoon) of MM-Plantfood to the MM-Mix. Mix together well.

Every 5-6 weeks, give them another 30 ml of nutrients. The app will remind you when it's time.
Komkommers geef je tijdens het seizoen nog wat extra Makkelijke Moestuin voeding
Adding MM-Plantfood to the cucumber patch
Start of a new season: 60 ml per square patch ( = 3 tbsp)

Was the soil mix in your garden box for the previous year?

Then top it off with fresh MM-Mix and add some MM-Plantfood.

Each square patch needs 45 g of nutrients: fill the cardboard scooper up to the 60 mark or 3 tbsp. For a 120x60 cm garden box, you'll do this 8 times. You get the idea 🙂
Adding nutrients at the start of the season
Mix it all together really well: scoop the soil mix from the back of the garden box to the front, the left to the right and vice versa. 
Mix the MM-Plantfood in good
After that, you're ready for the finishing touch: put your (clean) grid back on top of the soil mix. 

That's it. Your garden box is ready for the season 🙂
Grid on top, ready to sow

A perfect match for all your plants

The nutrients in the MM-Plantfood are suitable for all your vegetables, herbs, and flowers, both outside and in a greenhouse or cold frame. 

You can even use it for your potted plants: 1 tablespoon per 10 liters of soil mix.

What does it cost?

We sell 1 kg boxes of MM-Plantfood for € 11.

One box of nutrients takes care of a 120x120 cm garden box with 16 square patches for the whole year. Good for this season and the start of next season. So, you easily recoup that amount in the amount you harvest.

What's in it exactly?

MM-Plantfood contains 15 different types of natural raw materials of plant and animal origin. Almost all of them are leftover from production processes: grape seeds, cocoa shells, feather meal, and wheat husks.

Instead of throwing them away, they become plant food. Good for the environment and good for your plants 😊

The combination provides just the right nutritional balance that they need to thrive: the perfect supplement to the MM-Mix.

Specs for the MM-Plantfood

  1. MM-Plantfood is specifically made to keep the MM-Mix balanced and nutritious.
  2. You use it when you prepare an empty vegetable patch for a new round of sowing, give summer vegetables an extra boost, and replenish the soil mix at the start of the new season.
  3. It's 100% organic and environmentally friendly.
  4. It's suitable for all plants, is long-lasting, and super easy to use.
  5. It makes your plants strong and healthy, which gives you bigger harvests.

Nice, right?

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