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MM-Hero: super durable and 100% safe

Our recycled plastic garden bed lasts forever, cleans up tons of plastic, and is totally safe for growing veggies.
MM-Hero with a climbing frame.
Our most sustainable bed is the MM-Hero. The materials we use for it last so long, you can use it for the rest of your life. And then your kids, and your grandkids, and... Well, you get the idea.

On this page, I'll tell you all about it and answer the questions we sometimes get from our customers.

Thick board of recycled plastic

These solid boards are 3 cm thick and super heavy: one 120 cm board weighs around 7.5 kilos. They're made from the toughest kind of waste plastic out there.

Here's a photo from the plastic department at one of the 3 landfill sites in Almere. So much trash ends up there, even though Almere only has 200,000 residents.
Plastic waste in Almere
Some of the plastic waste, like from plastic bottles, can be recycled quite easily. You find this in plastic planters from other brands or in our MM-mini's and MM-airbakken.

But for 60%, it's not possible. Either because the plastic isn't suitable or it's mixed with other materials. So it's either burned or covered with a layer of soil.

What can be done, though, is making sturdy boards from it, which we use for our Heroes.

This is done with a special technique, making the boards look different. They're less smooth, the color isn't completely even, and sometimes you even see glitters - from chip bags 🙂
MM-Hero boards are not completely smooth.

How much plastic waste is in an MM-Hero?

By buying the biggest Hero, you clean up around 30 kilos of that tricky plastic waste.

If you piled up all that plastic, you could probably fill your entire living room with it. Or twice if you live in a small apartment.

Those 30 kilos are about the weight of waste the average Westerner generates annually. Just imagine: by buying one Hero, they don't have to feel guilty for a whole year 🙂

How many kilos of plastic have we cleaned up together?

You can see that on the website, just above the footer. There's a counter that keeps track by adding every sold Hero, Airbak, and mini.

On April 15, 2023, the counter was at 285,543 kg.

That's 285,336 kg of plastic waste saved from incineration, equal to 602,809 kg of CO2 emissions. And that's for real, not just because we want to look good and it doesn't actually make a difference in practice.

Do these recycled boards release plastic or other substances?

No, not even microplastics.

They're resistant to UV light and salts and don't release any harmful substances that could end up in the (ground)water or your plants. After all, you want to enjoy your veggies 100% safely:
In fact, this material meets the strictest safety and environmental requirements and is also used for bank reinforcements in nature reserves. It even remains intact when constantly submerged in water.

And what about the rest of the garden box?

All the connecting materials - like the corner pieces, nuts, and screws - are made of stainless steel. The bottom and legs are also made of this material, so they last just as long as the boards.
Roestvrij stalen bodem en poten

How do you maintain an MM-Hero?

You don't have to do anything, even if you leave it for 100 years, it'll still be there.

Over time, the boards do get a bit dirty, and algae can build up during wet and cold weather. If that bothers you, you can easily clean the dirt on the outside with some soapy water and a sponge.


By purchasing an MM-Hero, you're killing two birds with one stone: you're ridding the world of a mountain of plastic waste, and your garden box won't break down.

Plus, because you're getting (part of) your veggies from your MM, you don't need to buy them at the store. This also helps prevent plastic waste.

Good job!

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