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Getting going: starting your Planty Garden

Okay, you've decided you want a Planty Garden. What do you need and when is the best time to start? That's what this series is all about: making a super handy step-by-step plan.
Setting up a garden box and attaching a trellis

What do you know and what can you find here?

When I wrote about the system, I talked you through why vegetable gardening with Planty is so easy, what materials we use and why, and how the whole system works. If you read that, you know why - in a Planty Garden - you don't have to do all the time-consuming work a regular vegetable garden requires.

I also explained why it's not a good idea to skimp on materials and work with incomplete information you get from here and there.

Because I'm not talking about a planter with 3 plants. No: a Planty Garden is a real vegetable garden and real success.

This series is all about how to set up that kind of vegetable garden, when to do it, and what you need.
Stappenplan voor het opzetten van een Makkelijke Moestuin
Starten met een Makkelijke Moestuin: van plan tot uitvoering
From idea to reality with a clear step-by-step plan

Your own Planty Garden

This series on how to start your Planty Garden begins by looking at your situation: when is the best time to start and where is a good spot for your vegetables.

How much space do you have? Are you starting small or are you going big and how many garden boxes do you need?

After deciding, it's time to set up your vegetable garden. I'll show you how to do that, what you need, and where to find your materials.

You can get a lot from us, but you don't have to. It's up to you.
Starting your own Planty Garden

Can't wait to get started?

Great, then let's start at the beginning. And when's the best time to get growing 😉

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