Sunday 1 October 2023

Early October: we continue sowing πŸ™‚

You can still sow during this time, especially if you provide some protection. About what can and cannot withstand the cold, harvesting your own seeds, and enjoying the autumn.
Autumn in the MM - early October

Yup, summer's over.

Nice weather this week. And the coming week doesn't look bad either.

Although the real nice weather is over now. Here in Groningen, the rain occasionally poured down and the leaves on the trees are starting to change color here and there. It's really autumn.

Oh well, that has its charm:
Spiderwebs and morning mist
In our boxes at the office, there are already quite a few empty patches. However, we still eat from the garden every day. No tomatoes - because we already removed those last week - but still various other vegetables.

Yesterday, I harvested the 31st zucchini from the plant in the March 1st box. And it looks like it will continue for a while:
The 31st zucchini from the March 1st harvest box
Although this is an exception, because the plants in the other beds are not doing so well. One has already died and another is producing much fewer fruits.

But even this plant is deteriorating more and more. Many leaves are already affected by powdery mildew. Occasionally, fruits also fall off that no longer want to ripen.

The kale plants are still doing fine - although we are not the only ones who are fans of them:
Caterpillar on the kale
We use the leaves for stir-frying: it's delicious with some onions, mushrooms, rice, and an egg. My favourite is kale soup.

And what do you think of the raspberries?
Still plenty of raspberries to pick.
However, you can already see that it is autumn. Leaves are changing color and falling off, and some plants will now quickly die.

We are already doing a lot of cleaning up. Like the faded sunflowers, bolted lettuce plants, and all the plants that are either half eaten or simply no longer want to grow.

And yes: they are always there, but more so at this time of year.
Tidying up a bit
Although the beds are far from empty. In the knowledge base, you can read which vegetables you can leave for a long time and which ones you should harvest now:

Which vegetables can withstand the cold well?

What can you still sow?

Officially you can't sow much of anything in October: the Planty Gardening app only gives you a few options.

But the weather doesn't know that. It does what it wants. It could stay warm enough for some of the September plants. 

So, I still sow a few things. And I cheat a little, by using a crop cover:
An MM-Muts over my MM-Hero garden box
But because the weather doesn't follow rules and tables anymore, we also sow other types.

Although we cheat a little, because we use a cover. This increases the chances of harvesting in winter.
MM cover over the MM bamboo raised garden bed

Garlic and winter onions

Another option is to plant garlic and red and yellow winter onions. They can withstand the cold well and do not need to be covered. Only if it freezes hard for a longer period of time, but we haven't seen that in years.
Planting garlic and winter onions: now is the perfect time

Harvesting your own seeds

Besides sowing and eating from the vegetable garden, it is also super fun to harvest your own seeds for next year. Sometimes it's very simple, sometimes you have to do a little more.

Read here how to harvest seeds from your own garden
Seeds of marigolds, calendula, and the licorice plant

More about October

Starting today, the pages for October are back on the site. With tips for this time of year, what you can still sow, and whether it's still worth starting.

Here you can find the page for if you still need to start,
and on this page you will find information for if you already growing.

Dat was het voor vandaag

Hopefully the weather will remain fairly good in the coming time and you can still spend a lot of time outdoors. Beautiful sunny autumn days: would love it πŸ™‚
Sunflower not yet fully bloomed.

That was it for today

In the next email - around the end of October - I will show you how to prepare your Makkelijke Moestuin for the winter season.

Till then!
Sunflowers can still bloom in October
PS: Enjoying your vegetable garden this fall?

Share your Planty adventures on Facebook or Instagram and add the hashtag #plantygarden. Can’t wait to see what you’ve got πŸ™‚

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