Sunday 17 September 2023

Garlic and winter onions, they're back in store 😀

Summer is coming to an end and autumn is approaching. So now is the time to plant garlic and red onions, especially for winter cultivation.
Lovely late summer weather
Nice, another sunny weekend. Not too hot but really nice to go outside. However, you can already see the trees starting to change color a bit, so the temperature will definitely drop in the coming weeks and it will truly be autumn.

But every season has its charm and autumn is perfect for planting garlic. Some types of onions can also be planted.

When do you plant garlic and winter onions?

From mid-September to mid-November, you can plant winter onions and garlic. We sold them for the first time last year, and due to popular demand, we will continue with that. But this year, we are also adding light yellow onions to the mix.

Both these yellow winter onions, the red winter onions, and the garlic are specially grown for home cultivation.

All three are ideal for the patches that are now empty. We already planted them in our office garden.
Garlic bulbs and winter onions: ready to be planted

Growing garlic yourself

You can grow garlic both in autumn and in spring, but you will get the best result if you plant the cloves in autumn. Then you can harvest the bulbs from the beginning of summer.

Our garlic produces fairly large, white cloves with a mild sweet taste. This makes them suitable for various dishes. Raw - in salads, herb butter or cold sauces - or for cooking or baking.

This variety is widely used and cultivated in France, partly because it grows easily and yields a high harvest.
Drying garlic bulbs, harvested in summer.
The bulbs we sell are specially grown for cultivation and therefore ensure extra sturdy plants. This cannot be compared to the garlic you buy in the supermarket.

Cultivating them is a piece of cake, you hardly have to do anything. But to assist you, they are also available in the app.

What can you still sow?

If you buy our garlic, you will receive 2 to 3 beautiful bulbs with approximately 20 cloves. That's enough for 2 beds, because 1 patch fits 9 garlic plants.

Select the most beautiful cloves to plant, and use the rest in your kitchen. 
Attention: both the garlic and the onions below are sold as temporary products and our stock is not very large. So once they're gone, they're really gone. Go to the shop.

Growing winter onions yourself

Winter onions are planted - just like garlic - between mid-September and mid-November. This can only be done with varieties that can withstand low temperatures.
Bags of red winter onions, ready for sale
Contrary to its name, winter onions only start growing well after winter. However, because they develop a strong root system before winter, you can harvest them earlier the following year compared to onions planted in spring.

Furthermore, you can already harvest the foliage early in spring. You can use it in the same way as spring onions. The onions themselves will come later.

Red winter onions

Our red onions are slightly sweeter and crunchier than most yellow onions. With their milder flavor, they are perfect for cold dishes. Although you can also use them for warm dishes.
Just harvested red winter onion
There are 16 onions that fit in one compartment, and you can find the instructions in the app.

We sell them in nets of 100 grams, and usually there are enough sets of onion bulbs in it to plant 2 compartments with 16 onions each.

But be careful: sometimes there are quite a few large onions in the set, so you will get less than 32. Because they will probably grow larger, it is better to plant them with 9 in one compartment. Just like the garlic.

Yellow winter onions

New this year are the fairly large light yellow Senshyu onions from Japan. This improved version can withstand the cold even better than its predecessor: up to -15 °C.

In addition, it takes slightly longer for this variety to flower in a spring with extremely fluctuating weather - such as alternating between cold, warm, wet, and dry - compared to other types.

The sturdy, semi-round onions have a beautiful white interior and a relatively thin skin: pleasing to the eye. These onions are also quite sweet in taste.
New this year: yellow winter onions
Because these onions grow slightly larger than most other varieties, they also need more space. That's why 9 onions fit in one square, instead of 16.

They will be available in the app from September 18th.

That's it for today.

Next time, I will tell you more about my garden. How it's doing, whether you can still sow something, and which vegetables do and do not tolerate cold well.

But for now, I'll continue packing the onions and garlic, because we're still busy with that 🙂
Packing the garlic bulbs.
We are almost done, so you can already order them. That's great because next week the weather will still be nice: they can go straight into the mix 😀

See you soon!
PS: Will you plant our garlic and onions too?

Then post your photos on Facebook or Instagram and use the hashtag #makkelijkemoestuin. Or share your story and photos on our community. I'm looking forward to it!

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