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Does a vegetable garden need much space?

Say vegetable garden, and you'll probably think of a plot in a community garden. After all, you need a lot of space, right?
Community garden in Winsum
But it doesn't have to be that way. Comparing an ordinary and a Planty Garden starts with the area and location.

Area and location

The area of the tiniest traditional vegetable garden is easily about 100m2. This is mainly because you need a lot of space between the beds and rows of vegetables.

Therefore, the garden of most people is not big enough and they rent a plot in a community garden. That sounds nice but is not always convenient. You won't pick a handful of herbs for your omelet if you have to cycle a quarter of an hour to do so, will you?

In or out of sight

If the garden is large enough, the vegetable garden usually ends up at the back of the yard. But because it is out of sight, it is often forgotten and not well maintained. Ideal for weeds: they are happy to overgrow the entire area.

My boxes are right behind our house. I walk past them when I put my bike in the shed. So I see them every day.
Close to the kitchen

20% of normal surface

Because with a Planty Garden, you garden very economically in garden boxes and use every cm2 optimally, you only need 1/5 of the surface of a regular vegetable garden to get the same yield.

Moreover, a Planty Garden can therefore be placed almost anywhere. Even if you think you have no space.

Unusual locations

A location for a vegetable garden is easy to find. Besides, a Planty Garden is beautiful to look at. So you don't have to hide it because it gets so messy during the year.

Don't have a garden but do have a balcony or roof terrace? A Planty Garden will fit there as well.

Besides: you can put the garden boxes in different places. For example, say you lack the space to place three together. You could put the first next to the kitchen door, the second alongside the driveway, and the third in the front yard.

I even know someone who has a Planty Garden on her ship:
Johanna heeft een Makkelijke Moestuinbak op haar schip
Johanna has a Planty Garden on her ship
So you see? It's all possible.

Let's move on to the next topic:

How to prepare your garden for growing vegetables, and do you need to cultivate the soil?

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