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The MM-Mix: the perfect filling for your garden box

The MM-Mix is the ideal soil mix for your garden boxes.

MM-Mix is a mixture of nutritious compost, fibers, and coarse vermiculite made to work perfectly with our system. All your plants will grow great in this mix and they'll get exactly what they need.
Jelle met een zak Makkelijke Moestuin Mix
Jelle with a bag of MM-Mix back in the day
Plus, our soil mix is super nice to work with, retains moisture well without ever getting too wet, and only releases nutrients when your plants need them.

You can leave this soil mix in your garden boxes for years and never have to replace it - unlike potting soil.

Since you top off the soil mix every now and then with additional nutrients, you don't have to bother with all kinds of weird fertilizers. How sustainable is that?

Where can you get MM-Mix?

The MM-Mix is available in the shop ready to use. It comes in 40 liter or 20 liter bags:
Pallets with 40L bags of MM-Mix
You can pick them up at reseller locations in the Netherlands and Belgium. You'll find them on our Dutch site.

(If you change the language in de footer to 'Nederlands' you'll find the link to the 'Verkooppunten'.)

Why use a special soil mix?

In a Planty Garden, you don't use just any soil, but a special mix made just for Planty Gardens. The quality of the soil mix will make or break your vegetable garden.

When you work in contained garden boxes that are 20 cm deep and then fill them with vegetables, you need a soil mix that gives your plants everything they need.

The only soil mix made for that is ours. It's full of natural nutrients, is nice and airy, and retains moisture well: exactly what plants like. You can leave it in your garden box forever and never have to replace it. Plus, it feels nice when you run it through your fingers.

Thousands of people are already using our soil mix in the Netherlands and Belgium, and they're all equally enthusiastic. Just look at Ria's sunflowers. Planted at the same time:
Verschil Makkelijke Moestuinmix en volle grond
Left: the sunflower in the MM-Mix. Right: the sunflower sown in normal dirt
Anita Van on January 10: "I used the MM-Mix but also used some regular soil. And really, the plants in the soil mix grow faster and get bigger."

What's in the MM-Mix?

We won't reveal exactly what's in it. But it's all purely natural and 100% organic:
  • nutritious mixed compost
  • fibers (from peat, coco peat and wood, among others)
  • coarse vermiculite
MM-Mix is made from compost, vermiculite, and fiber

15-20 cm deep is enough

Since the soil mix is so loamy and nutritious, your plants don't need to create large roots to find nutrients and moisture. So, a layer of 15-20 cm soil mix is enough for almost all plants.

It's a different story in a regular vegetable garden: there you need at least 30 cm of soil, preferably 45 cm.

Note: the MM-soil mix always gets compacted during the season. To have 15 cm at the end of the season, you should start with a layer of 20 cm.

Garden box 120x120 cm: 7 bags of 40 liters
Garden box 120 x 60 cm: 4 bags of 40 liters
MM-Airbak: 3 bags of 40 liters
MM-Mini: half a bag of 40 liters or 1 bag of 20 liters

Calculate how much MM-soil mix you need.

Calculate how many 40L bags of MM-Mix you need:


You need 7 bags of mix.

How do you keep the nutrient levels up?

The MM-Mix contains organic and long-acting nutrients. We also sell these nutrients separately, which you use to supplement the soil mix.
Here's how you use it:

During the season: 50 ml/per square patch ( or 3 tbsp)

If you start your Planty Garden with a fresh bag of MM-Mix, it has enough nutrients to see you through your first harvest. You won't need to add MM-Plantfood yet.

But once you've harvested a square patch completely and you want to sow again, it's time to give your soil mix a boost.

Grab the cardboard scooper from the MM-Plantfood box. Fill it up to the 50 mark (that's 50 ml or about 30 grams or 3 tbsp). Sprinkle it over the empty plot and mix it in. You scoop from the bottom of the garden box to the top and vice versa. The app will walk you through it 😉

Then you're ready to sow something new.

Extra nutrients for the hungry plants: 30 ml per square patch (or 2 tbsp)

Summer vegetables like tomatoes, zucchinis, and cucumbers need more nutrients than other vegetables. They stay in the same patch for longer, so the soil mix will need a nutrient boost.

When you plant your summer vegetables, add 30 ml (or 2 tablespoon) of MM-Plantfood to the MM-Mix. Mix together well.

Every 5-6 weeks, give them another 30 ml of nutrients. The app will remind you when it's time.

Start of a new season: 60 ml per square patch ( = 4 tbsp)

Was the soil mix in your garden box for the previous year?

Then top it off with fresh MM-Mix and add some MM-Plantfood.

Each square patch needs 45 g of nutrients: fill the cardboard scooper up to the 60 mark or 4 tbsp. For a 120x60 cm garden box, you'll do this 8 times. You get the idea 🙂

You can find the MM-Plantfood in the shop.

In a nutshell

The MM-Mix isn't just any old soil. It's made to work perfectly with our container gardening system. You don't need as much of it to get the best results. And instead of tossing it out, you can just add MM-Plantfood to keep it rich in nutrients.

Have fun in your Planty Garden!

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