Wednesday 1 September 2021

September 1: the sowing continues πŸ™‚

The latest news from our Planty Garden and what seeds you can still sow now.
Our test garden at the end of August
Where does the time go? The days are getting shorter and summer is almost over. According to the weather experts, it's actually already fall here in Holland.

The good news? The weather doesn't look so bad for the next few weeks. Sun with showers here and there, and temperatures around 20Β°C. So you can still work on your tan.
Getting my Vitamin D in
Today's blog covers:

  • a tour of my garden 
  • sowing for the fall - and early spring too
  • our test seeds

A tour of my vegetable garden

There's plenty to do in the September garden.

Seeds sprout super fast and the plants that are already growing get a second wind.

Meet me in the garden, and I'll walk you through: 

  • tomatoes, zucchnis and cucumbers care
  • treating mildew
  • topping
  • and what you can still sow now
Tons of tomatoes, despite the weather

What can you still sow in September?

According to the app, you can sow all this:

Dino kale and marigold are also options. Sow them now so they'll sprout next spring.
Loose leaf lettuce does just fine in September

What's happening with those test seeds?

We've been trying out a bunch of new varieties. Soon we'll decide which test seeds to include in the shop next year. You'll find them in the app soon too. 

The French breakfast radish was such a success, it's a no brainer. Robbin is busy sketching already: 
French breakfast radish ready for the app
A new type of marigolds will probably make the cut. But they grow way bigger than we expected. One per square patch will be plenty. 

Bees seem to love this single flower marigold:
Bees can't get enough of single flowers
As for the other varieties we tested - the striped stuffer tomato, Russian kale, parsley and padron pepper - the jury is still out on those. 
Spotted leaves on the bush tomato? Time to get to work

So, that's it for today

For the coming weeks, these are - among other things - the top to-do's on our list:

  • improving the site design and getting a faster system
  • finishing up the Planty Library
  • choosing the new vegetables for the app
  • adding new images to the app
  • new packaging 
And we're also looking into adding onions and garlic to the app. Yum. 

In short: our agenda is full for the time being πŸ˜‰ 
EΓ©n van de nieuwe ontwerpen voor de site
PS: Excited?

Share your Planty adventures on Facebook or Instagram and add the hashtag #plantygarden. Can’t wait to see what you’ve got πŸ™‚

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