Starter pack 4 patches

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Ideal starter pack for an MM box with 4 patches. Complete with seeds, supplementary food, plant labels and a scoop.

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Bundle: € 32,50

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Ideal starter pack for four patches

A nice starter pack that you can start right away.

Specially made for people who want to try the Easy Vegetable Garden first, on a small scale. For example with an MM airbox or 4 MM minis

In the package are:

12 bags of basic seeds that should not be missing in any vegetable garden

These varieties always succeed, and will keep your tank full all year round. Plus, they're all really tasty. Perfect to start with.

2 bags of MM nutrition

MM-mix lasts almost endlessly. The only thing you need to supplement every now and then is the food. With these bags you can do that for a year.

10 sturdy name labels, with marker

Immediately after sowing, add a name label. Bet you otherwise forget what it says? These labels are super sturdy, stand out well and last forever. You get ten, along with a permanent marker pen.

stainless steel scoop

You need a garden trowel in every vegetable garden. Ours is beautiful, sturdy and durable. With a wide and rounded blade made of stainless steel.

Extra affordable as a starter package

If you buy these products separately, you will lose more than 33 euros. You only pay € 20 for this package. That's a nice bonus, right?

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