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The minimum system requirements for our app

The Planty Gardening app works on these devices:
  • iPhones or iPads running iOS 13.1 or higher
  • Phones or tablets running Android 7.1 or higher
Why do I need the right version of iOS or Android?

Android and iOS update their operating systems regularly. That's mainly for security reasons: the security functions get outdated and no longer meet current requirements.

With updates, we constantly adapt our app to meet the latest standards and functions. If Apple or Android decide that they no longer support older versions, then you can't update a device that is still running on that version anymore. That's really annoying if you have an older device 🙁

Unfortunately this applies to all apps - and ours. That's why the app doesn't work on devices with operating systems older than the ones we mentioned above. And sadly, there's nothing we can do about that.

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