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Your personal vegetable gardening coach

Want to learn how to grow your own vegetable garden? The free Planty app works like a coach that guides you step by step, from seed to harvest.
Truus is great. She emails me pictures of her balcony vegetable garden and tells me how happy she is with it.

That wasn't always the case. Truus was the kind of Planty fan who had 1 or 2 questions about everything. Sometimes 3.

"Is it a good idea to put beets next to radishes, or should I sow lettuce in between?"

"My zucchini is 18 cm long, can I harvest it?"

"I only see 1 radish seedling, shouldn't there be more?”

I get it: when I first started, I wondered about everything too. Luckily I had my mom. Because before you are good at something, you have to learn it first.

Truus doesn't ask me anything these days. At least, not about plants 😉

She doesn't have to, because, she wrote yesterday, "I love that Planty Gardening app."

A vegetable garden app? Don't you learn how to garden by doing, not from a screen?

That's right. Growing your own food is something you just have to do. A Planty Garden is a piece of cake: you set up a garden box, fill it with nutrient-rich soil mix, and start sowing. Easy, right?

But sometimes, doubt strikes:

"Oh wait, how deep should I sow this seed?" "Where do I put which vegetable?" "How long will it take before I see something come up?”

That's where the app comes in. It helps you through every step. Everything you do in the app you also do in real life, in your garden box.

The app shows you what to do: from the first seed that you sow to the last plant you harvest. You get notifications for the next steps. When your radish seedlings appear, for example, or when you need to tie your snow peas to the trellis.

Cool. But doesn't that also depend on the weather? Or does the app know that too?

Yes, it tracks the weather. But not just that. The app follows exactly how each of your plants grows.
For example, you can harvest our radishes after 4 to 6 weeks. In good weather, it's 4 weeks. But in cold and rainy weather - or early spring - it's more like 6.

The app works with average times. The first radishes come up 3 - 11 days after sowing. So, after 4 days, the app sends you a message. You check your garden box to see if something's already come up:
If so, you tap 'Yes' and go to the next level.

If you don't see anything yet, then click 'not really' and get advice from the Planty Gardening expert:

Handy. So, how does that work with tomatoes? They grow differently, right?

That's right. That's why the app doesn't give you general instructions, but specific steps that belong to that species.

At Planty Gardening, we choose the nicest, tastiest, and easiest crops: varieties that do super well in our vegetable garden boxes.

All those seeds are also in the app. From carrots to climbing zucchini, endive to Asian salad mix.

The steps are different for each species.

For radishes there are 5: sowing, seedlings, thinning out, care, and harvesting:
5 stages of growing radishes
Our tall cherry tomatoes have 3x as many steps. Because you don't sow cherry tomato seeds directly in your garden box, they need to be pre-sown indoors first.

The app shows you that step-by-step too: how to sow, care for your plants, acclimatize them to the outdoors, and plant them in your garden box:
Tomatoes should be pre-sown indoors
Once the tomato plant is in your vegetable garden box, you need to tie it to the trellis.

Of course, radishes don't need that. You harvest radishes differently too.

The app contains every stage of growth for all the vegetables, herbs, and flowers that we sell:
Our Planty Gardening seeds

Are there any species in the app that aren't Planty plants?

No, only ours. That makes sense, because we know exactly how those grow. We can't say much about the rest.

There are countless types of almost every vegetable. You have low-growing bush tomatoes, but there are also tomatoes that grow up to 2 meters tall.

Some tomatoes need their side shoots removed and others don't. Or something in between. No tomato plant is exactly alike 😉

Do you have to keep using the app forever?

No, you don't. We created the app to teach you how to grow your own food in a playful way. It goes surprisingly fast because with every step you learn something new.

Before you know it you think: "Is it that easy? I can do that myself." From that moment on you don't need the app anymore.

But there is a good chance you'll continue to use it. To decide what to plant where in your garden box or because you like getting a little reminder when to water.

What does this app cost?

Nothing at all. You won't get any ads or annoying sales pitches either.

But beware: the app is made especially for the Planty Gardening system, products, and seeds. If you use other products and seeds, we can't say if the app will give you the right instructions.

Besides: if you buy your stuff from us, we can keep making fun things like this 😉

So, how do you get your own gardening coach who has endless time and patience?

Download the Planty Gardening app 🙂

There are currently 2 versions. They function the same way, but are specifically developed for 2 different operating systems:

The iOS version for iPhone and iPad
Download here

And the Android version
Have fun and let me know if you're as happy with it as Truus is, okay?

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