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How do you use the Planty Gardening app?

Download the app, create an account, enter your garden box(es) and start sowing. Follow the steps and reminders and you'll garden like a pro in no time.

This page includes 2 sections:
  1. a comprehensive explanation of how to use the app
  2. specific questions you may have
The app helps you sow, take care of, and harvest your plants - all in real-time.

The app sends you a notification when it's time for the next step and
  • helps you check if everything is going well
  • gives you step-by-step instructions about what you need to do
  • counts down the days until the next step for you
Curious to see what that looks like in practice? Then I'll walk you through it:

How do you set up the app for your vegetable garden?

If you're familiar with smartphone apps, then you probably know a lot of this already. Most of it is self-explanatory.

It is good to know that the app is 100% customized to work with our Planty Gardening system, materials, and seeds. Not sure if the app is right for you? Then read this page first.

Okay, if you're looking for a comprehensive user's guide, here you go:

Step 1: Download the app

There are currently 2 versions. They function the same way, but are specifically developed for 2 different operating systems:

The iOS version for iPhone and iPad
Download here

And the Android version

Step 2: Create an account

Open the app and create your account. If you already have a Planty Gardening account, use that to log in.

When choosing a user name, use letters and numbers only - so, no symbols, spaces, or emojis.

Trouble logging in or registering?

Then head to the troubleshooting page here.

Step 4: Add your vegetable garden to the app

Adding your garden boxes to the app can be done in 2 ways:
  1. Tap the 'Add garden' button at the top of the 'Today' screen.
  2. Click on 'Your garden' at the bottom of the screen. If you haven't added a box yet, you'll see an empty screen with the same button.
Select your garden box or grow bag
All of our garden boxes are included in the app, as well as some additional size options.

Note: There are garden boxes with and without legs and/or a trellis. Choose the kind you have. That's how you'll get the right advice so you can decide which vegetables to put where.

Give your garden box a name
Be creative - and practical 😉

Is your garden box a different size?
You can solve that by combining garden boxes. For example, add two 90x90 cm boxes to the app if you have a 90x180 cm box at home. Put a 60x120 cm and a 90x120 cm box in the app if you have a 150x120 box at home.

Tip: Give those boxes a clear name so you can remember which garden box is where. For example 'kitchen left' and 'kitchen right'.
Make sure your garden box is placed in the same direction both in your Planty Garden and in the app: the front should face south so it will get the most sunlight. South is always the bottom edge of the app. So, a rectangular garden box may need to be turned around.

Step 5: Getting started 💪

You sow your square patches 1 by 1. Do this in the app and in your real garden box.
This is how you sow a vegetable patch:

1. Choose a patch
In the tab 'Your garden' select your garden box or grow bag. It includes 1 or more vegetable patches. An empty square patch is gray a plus sign. Click on the plus to start sowing.

2. Select your vegetable
You can find all our seeds in the overview. At the top are the types of plants that are the best match for that square patch at that moment. Patches at the front are best for smaller plants than those at the back of the garden box.
Below you'll find our other seeds and the reason why they're not the best choice. Maybe it's not the right time of year, not the ideal spot in the garden box, etc. You can still choose them, but it's just not what the app recommends.

The app knows everything about our Planty Gardening seeds. We offer vegetables, herbs, and flowers. The more plant varieties you have, the more you can sow all year long and the more varied your harvest will be.

Read more about our seeds here

All of the life stages our seeds go through are included in the Planty Gardening app. For other vegetables or plants, you can reserve a space in the garden box, but you won't get any advice about those.
3. Follow the instructions
The rest is self-explanatory: the app shows you how to sow, step by step. When you're done, the plus sign disappears and you'll see a seed in the gray square patch. The app keeps track of the number of days until the next step.

Step 6: Respond to the notifications

Every few days you'll get a notification: 'One of your plants needs attention'.

If you go to your garden box in the app, you'll see an exclamation point in 1 of the patches. Click on it and a question appears: “Already see something coming up?" You check in your garden box to see if you do.

If so, you get to go to the next level, follow the steps for that level, and the count down to the next steps starts.

And what if something goes wrong?

Then the app - and you - discover what the issue is. The app asks you questions and, based on your answer, gives you advice.
For each vegetable, the count down shows you how many days until the next level.

If the weather is nice, the plants will grow faster and you can click on the next level sooner. If the weather is bad - or if it is still early spring or late fall - you'll probably click 'no' more often and the app will add a few extra days to the count down.

Daily to-do's

Besides checking your plants, you'll get a few to-dos.

These help you remember to water, go on a snail hunt, things like that. They look like this in the app:

Will you find yourself drowning in notifications?

No, it's not that bad. Radishes go through 6 stages in total if you harvest longer. So you get 6 to 8 notifications over a 5-6 week period.
The stages of radish growth
There are more stages for tomatoes more because you pre-sow them indoors first. You let the seedlings grow into strong little plants indoors, have to get them used to the outdoors, and then move them out in your garden box. The app shows you how to do all of that:
The app even shows you how to cut off side shoots - also known as suckers - and what you do with unripe tomatoes at the end of the season.

All in all, it takes just 1 season to learn how to grow all our vegetables and herbs. At least, if you decide to sow and grow all 40 of them 😉

You're a pro Planty Gardener in no time

You'll have learned so much in just a few months, you won't even need the app's alerts anymore. You can just use it to choose which seeds to plant or see what you can (still) sow at that moment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sure, sometimes questions come up.

Here are the most common ones about the Planty Gardening app. And answers too 😉

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