Almost all information about plants has been included with the plants in our free app. So, you don't need to remember it. View the MM app

What is the Planty Gardening app and why did we make it?

The Planty Gardening app guides you step by step through sowing, tending, and harvesting all the vegetable seeds we offer. So you can grow your own food like a pro from the start 😀
We made the app to help you with everything:
  • sowing in the right place at the right time
  • taking care of your plants when you need to
  • and even harvesting: not too early and not too late
This makes the Planty Garden the only vegetable garden where you don't need any previous experience or knowledge about plants: no green thumb required.

Where can you download the app?

There are currently 2 versions. They function the same way, but were developed for 2 different operating systems:

The iOS version for iPhone and iPad
Download here

And the Android version

Why did we make the app?

As soon as I started with Planty Gardening people got excited: they read the site, followed our advice, and got to work.

Most people got great results:
Urban paradise: a rooftop Planty Garden
But I noticed that the beginners, who really knew nothing about plants, started to have doubts. They set up their vegetable garden perfectly, but as soon as they started sowing, they got insecure:

"Oh, did I read those tips on the website right?"
"What am I putting where now?"
"Did I remember everything?"

Some started carefully with a few seeds or plants and others overfilled their boxes. If something went wrong - because of the weather or pests - they panicked and didn't know what to do.

Totally understandable, especially for people who've never grown anything before. But the fun of having a vegetable garden quickly disappears. Too bad, because with a little help, it could have been the edible paradise they'd had in mind.

Growing vegetables is all about timing

Look: the things you need to do in a vegetable garden aren't difficult.

The tricky thing is the timing: doing the right thing at the right moment. You can't learn that from a book or a course.

What every beginner really needs is someone to advise and assist them, whenever and wherever they need it.

It's hard to find a human coach for that. So we made the app.

How does the Planty Gardening app work?

The app is tailored to our Planty Gardening system and seeds. So it's important that your vegetable garden is set up for that. You can check if your garden is compatible with the app here.

Everything you do in the app, you do in the boxes in your own garden too. From selecting and sowing the seeds and taking care of them as they grow, to harvesting your ripe vegetables and preparing the empty patch for the next round.

You can see what stage your plants are in throughout the year. That's because the app regularly asks you how it's going.
If a vegetable grows faster than expected, you can skip through to the next level. If it is cold and growing slower, you can postpone the next step for a while.

If something goes wrong, the app gives you potential solutions. Like a kind of pseudo-Jelle who looks over your shoulder 😉

So, you don't need to be nervous. Just try it. That's how you learn to grow vegetables: by doing.

The goal of our app

You know, we really don't want to make you dependent on this app. The idea is that you use it until you think, "Aha, is it that easy? I can do this myself!".

From that moment on, you are a Planty Gardener. You'll probably only use the app to choose which vegetable seeds to grow, or to look up what you can sow at that moment.

So the goal of the app is to make itself unnecessary. And you decide when that is.

What do we want you to get out of it?

We've seen plenty of sad vegetable garden boxes with just a few heads of lettuce and some parsley. That doesn't make us happy, and it probably doesn't make you happy either.

This is what we want for you: a garden box filled to the brim with fresh vegetables:
Full garden boxes: we immediately sow empty vegetable patches again
If you have that experience, I'm sure you'll be sold. You'll enjoy your own fresh harvests for years to come - or even for the rest of your life.

That's what we are all about and why we keep improving our free app.

So what are you waiting for? Let's grow some food 🙂

What do you need to work with the app?

In addition to the Planty Gardening app, you will need:

Our seeds and the app: a perfect match

The Planty Gardening app is 100% compatible with our seeds.
All of our seeds are easy, tasty, and fun to grow. And all those varieties together are more than enough to keep your garden boxes fully stocked, so you'll have varied harvests throughout the year.
All of our seeds are also included in the app.

Each stage in every type of plant's life is written out and illustrated: Robbin made over 1000 illustrations of them.

As soon as you put one of these vegetable varieties in your garden box, the app starts a count down to the next level.

Since the weather also plays a role, the app asks you if your plants are ready for it. If not, the app adjusts the count down.

Who isn't the app for?

If you garden in a traditional outdoor garden in rows, or with differently sized raised beds and containers, you won't have much use for the app. After all, it's programmed to work with our system.

Also, the app isn't really made for advanced Planty Gardeners or growing in a greenhouse or cold frame - although you can use it for that too if you want.

The purpose of the app is to teach vegetable gardening. If you use the app and our seeds, you'll do that. If you've grown your own food this way for a while, you've probably learned enough to work with other kinds of vegetables too.

Always improving

We'll continue to work on the app to make it even better. It's an ongoing project. More types of vegetables are added every year and we are thinking about more climate zones and a weather feature.

All in good time.

How do you use the app?

That's actually pretty self-explanatory. But if you want me to explain it, here you go:

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