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Starting in April: sow now and harvest soon

April is the best time to start your Makkelijke Moestuin: everything sprouts quite quickly and you can grow the whole year. If you set up your garden now and start sowing and planting right away, you'll be harvesting fresh vegetables every day within 2 months.

Seedlings come up quite quickly in April, even if it's still cold

You can start from February to November

When you start exactly doesn't matter much. Because if you set up a Makkelijke Moestuin now, you're also doing it for next year. And the years after.

Setting up a vegetable garden box only needs to be done once. After that, you'll enjoy it endlessly: season after season and year after year.

Starting in April = starting in spring

We look forward to it all winter long. And what's more fun than going outside in the spring?

We deliver everything you need to your home: from garden boxes to soil and from seeds to nutrients. And once your box is set up, you can start sowing right away.

This way, you'll soon enjoy fresh vegetables from your own garden, experience the whole season, and get the most out of your garden boxes.

Why starting in April is so much fun

Starting in April, you'll fully experience spring. Buzzing bumblebees and bees, the first green, spring blossoms, and increasingly longer days. Often lots of sun too šŸ˜€

Setting up a Makkelijke Moestuin is done in no time. No hard work or digging involved. So, you can start sowing quickly. This way, you'll enjoy the entire season and get the most out of your garden boxes.

You can now sow almost all vegetables directly outside. Sow summer vegetables indoors first: tomatoes until mid-April, and cucumbers, zucchini, and pumpkins by the end of April. Around mid/late May, they can go outside.

Set up your garden now, and you'll soon enjoy fresh vegetables from your own garden.

MM-hero garden box beginning of May - sown on April 1st

What can you sow right now?

By April 1, you can sow most varieties, with a few more coming in mid-April. This is also the month to pre-sow your summer vegetables indoors.
Crispy Red lettuce (Pro) can be sown from April 1st

Want to get started too? It's super easy:

1. Set up your vegetable garden (e.g. with a starter kit)
2. Get customized assistance from our free app
3. Garden for a few minutes a day

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