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MM-bamboo action package

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Sustainable 4-compartment vegetable garden box made of bamboo: the ideal salad box for every garden. Complete with Salanova seeds, slug deterrent wire, mix, fertilizer, and labels.
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Version: without bottom
Interior size: 60x60 cm
Exterior size: 66x66 cm
Plank thickness: 3 cm
(Working) Height: 20 cm
Incl: Salanova seeds, MM slug deterrent wire, MM mix, fertilizer, labels, grid, and weed control fabric.
Weight with wet MM mix: max. 75 Kg
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Action package with sustainable vegetable garden box made of thick bamboo

This small bamboo vegetable garden box will last at least 20 years and will remain beautiful all that time, especially if you rub it with oil every year. Made of thick bamboo planks in a warm wood color.

Because you receive it with seeds and mix, you can quickly set up a salad box that you will enjoy for a long time: both in use and to look at. Even in a place teeming with slugs, thanks to the included electric fence.

Plus: sustainably harvested bamboo prevents the cutting down of (tropical) forests. This is because bamboo grows 10 times faster than trees and this material lasts much longer than hardwood.

Good for you and good for the environment 🙂

Note: this vegetable garden box does not have a bottom and should therefore be placed directly on the ground.

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