Set of 4 types of Salanova lettuce

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Set of four types of special and delicious lettuce. The heads produce a large amount of leaves that can be harvested during a long time. 

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Sowing time: April to mid-August
Height: 15-25 cm
Contents: Red Crispy, green Batavia, red Butterhead, Oakleaf lettuce. 
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More about this set with 4 types of Salanova lettuce

In this affordable set, you will find 4 types of special and delicious varieties of lettuce. The heads produce a large amount of leaves that you can harvest for a long time:

1. red Oakleaf lettuce Pro
2. green Batavia lettuce Pro
3. red Crispy lettuce Pro
4. red Butter lettuce Pro

(If you buy the bags separately, you pay € 11.96, as a set € 10 🙂)

  • Family: leaf
  • Number per square: 1
  • Height: 15 to 25 cm (front or middle row)
  • Sowing time: April - mid-August
  • Sowing depth: 0.5 to 1 cm
  • Germination time: between 5 and 18°C in 2 to 14 days
  • Time to harvest: from 5-7 weeks
  • Sunlight: can be grown in both sun and shade

These varieties are cultivated for professional cultivation and restaurants. That's why they have 'Pro' after their names: because they yield a lot more harvest and germinate and grow better than regular lettuce.

The seeds have been partially germinated, but that makes them fragile. To protect them, they are coated with a layer of clay. That's why the packets are expensive, but each lettuce head will provide you with lots of salad for a long time.

You will receive 4 packets containing 12 clay pellets, and each pellet has 1 seed. So, be careful when sowing, as you have a limited quantity.

Please note: these seeds are guaranteed to remain viable for 9 months. However, if you store the seeds in a cool place, like the refrigerator, you can extend the expiration date to at least one year. Unfortunately, the packets often have incorrect expiration dates, such as January 2025 and 2026. It should be January 2024.

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