Instruction MM-slugs electric fence

This electric fence keeps (almost*) all slugs out - both slugs and snails, big or small. As soon as the slug touches one of the bottom and one of the top wires, it receives a mini electric shock and turns around.
The electric shock is so small that you - or other animals or children - won't feel anything when you touch it. Unless you touch the wires with your tongue, but you probably weren't planning on doing that 🙂

On this page, I will show you how to:
  • install the electric fence on your MM-hero or MM-bamboo
  • check if it's working properly
  • use it over the years

If you don't have the electric fence yet or want to know more about it, you can find it in the shop.

Installeren op je MM-hero of MM-bamboo

The only tool you need is a Phillips screwdriver. Everything else can be found in the box.

Place the batteries

  • Open the box and insert the batteries into the holders. Pay attention not to bend these contact points:

  • Check if the right light in the logo is now blinking green.
  • Close the box - the logo points upwards and the bars are at the bottom.
  • Tighten the screws again so that there are no gaps.

Unwind the wires.

Do this carefully to prevent them from getting tangled. Use gloves if necessary, as there may be sharp points.

The first wire

Place the wire around your box and secure the ends at a spring
Leg de draad OM de eerste 3 hoeken van je bak heen, en OVER de laatste hoek.
Bij een klimrek rijg je de draad tussen de buis en de bak, tussen de twee koppelstukken.

Maak de uiteindes vast aan één van de veren en trek de draad dan ook om de laatste hoek van de bak:
Pull the wire over the last corner.
Hang the box with the hanging clip on the edge of the garden box. Be careful not to bend the clip, as it may break.
Check if the wire is at the same height as the bottom of the longest rod everywhere. If not, pull the wire towards it.

To check this, slide the box straight up - this way you don't bend the hanging clip - and hang it in different places on your container.
Check if the wire is at the correct height everywhere and adjust it if necessary.

The second wire

Span de tweede draad een klein stukje boven de eerste draad - op dezelfde manier en aan dezelfde veer:

The second wire comes just above the first wire.

The third and fourth wire

Now do the same with the third and fourth wire. Place them above the first and second wire:

The third and fourth wire come above the first and second wire.
Again, the wires must have the same distance from each other everywhere.

So use the box to check the correct height of the wires: the bottom wire at the bottom of the longest rod, the top wire just below the box itself:

Place the box

Then hang the box at its final position at the edge of your box. It doesn't matter where, as long as it is at least 50 cm away from the springs.

Attach the wire holder

Now you need to insert the wires into the wire holder:

To do this, hang the wire holder: over the top two wires (1) and then turn it to the left (2). This way, the top wires will fit into the slots of the short right piece.
The top wires fit into the right slots and are located in the slots at the back of the left side.
Place the bottom wires into the slots of the longer right piece:
The bottom wires go into the left slots.

Slide the wire holder under the rods: the rods are now hanging above the full length of the slots in the holder.

Press the rods firmly into place, so that they are securely attached and make contact with the wires.
The bottom of the rods should be inserted as far as possible into the wire holder:
Check if the wires make good contact with the batteries. You do this by squeezing the four wires together and checking if the red light turns on.

Place the spacers

Attach the wires to the four spacers - in the middle of each plank.

The two outer wires (the top and bottom ones) go into the slots on top, the two middle wires go into the slots at the bottom.

Double-check around the box to make sure the wires are running parallel and not touching each other. They should have approximately the same distance between them at the corners as in the wire and spacer holders.
These pieces are only used with a climbing frame.
Use the two trellis spacers only if you have our trellis on your garden box. Insert the wires into the holders and push them under the post so that the wires cannot come into contact with it.

Check de werking van het systeem

Check the functioning of the system

Everything is working properly if:
  • the green light on the box is blinking
  • the red light blinks when you press the top and bottom wires together.
The red light should blink when you press the wires together.


Good work, from now on no more slugs can crawl into your bed from the outside * 🙂

In use

Check regularly if the lights are still working. That's difficult to see in full daylight, so put your hand over it or check it in the evening.

  • If the green light flashes and the red light comes on when you press the wires together, everything is fine
  • If the red light flashes, there is a short circuit: either because the chains are touching each other, or because something is touching the chains - a leaf or branch, for example
  • If nothing flashes, the batteries are empty

The batteries should last for a whole vegetable garden season. A good time to replace them is just before the slugs return (around early April).

Replacing the batteries

To replace the batteries, leave the box hanging on the gardenbox. You don't have to remove it completely. Make sure no moisture gets inside the box. Therefore, postpone the replacement if it's raining or do it under an umbrella.

You will need 3 regular AAA alkaline batteries. If you have rechargeable batteries of the same size, you can use those.

  1. Unscrew the box and remove the lid.
  2. Replace the batteries in the holders inside the lid. Pay attention not to bend the metal contact points.
  3. Then close the box again, tighten the screws, and check for any gaps.

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