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The benefits of a Planty Garden

The benefits of a Planty Garden are so obvious to me that I would never want to have a regular vegetable garden. Anyone can do it, it can be done almost anywhere, and the results are great.

Now the choice is yours

If you want to grow your own organic vegetables, you can choose between a regular vegetable garden and a Planty Garden.

For me, the choice was very simple. I really didn't understand why you would go for an ordinary vegetable garden. Unless you like hard work, weeding is the most fun you can imagine, and you want to spend a lot of money 😉 .

But then again, I didn't have a green thumb, didn't really know anything about gardening, and also wanted to do something else in my spare time besides digging with my hands in the soil.
Er is meer dan tuinieren...
There's more than gardening...
Actually, I haven't even changed that much. Yes, I know a lot more about plants now, and yes, I've made it my job, and no, I still don't understand a regular vegetable garden. What I am doing is making vegetable gardening possible for everyone.

Although not everyone is convinced yet.

Experienced vegetable gardeners and beginners

Do you know that people who have been vegetable gardening for a long time often don't take a Planty Garden seriously? They don't see the benefits.

They think it's too easy, don't believe you can do it in such a simple way and such a small area, let alone that it will yield anything. They also ask me difficult questions about soil acidity, cultivation techniques, and vegetables I have never heard of.

People who have never gardened before are different. They just follow the system of Planty Gardening and are thrilled. They harvest their own vegetables for the first time in their lives.

And then you have a third group: the experienced gardeners who are open to other ideas. They soon don't want anything else when they change from their traditional vegetable garden to the Planty Garden.

If I could do it then you can certainly do it now

Because I have been in many magazines and newspapers, people think I am some kind of vegetable garden guru, trained as a garden specialist. But I'm not, and I don't need to be.

That is the biggest advantage of the Planty Garden: you don't have to know anything about gardening.

Take me: when I started, I just messed around a bit. I sowed some seeds, watered, and occasionally removed a weed. Sometimes even a seedling - much to my mother's annoyance.

I paid absolutely no attention to which vegetable should be next to which vegetable and sometimes did things that seasoned gardeners tell me you should neeeeever do.

And yet my plants grew, and we ate delicious unsprayed vegetables every day.

Get started right away

All I want to say is: you don't have to take an expensive gardening course or join a gardening club or buy tons of books.

In fact: it's even easier now than when I started:
  1. build or buy a garden box
  2. get the mix
  3. download the app
  4. and get to work
Makkelijke Moestuin app helpt met alles
The app helps with everything
The app guides you step by step from seed to harvest and answers all your questions at the right time.

The only thing that can go wrong now is that the weather is not cooperating. But even that is not a disaster: the worst that can happen is that your plants do not do as well as you had hoped.

Who is a Planty Garden suitable for?

It's better to ask, “For who isn't?" Really; (almost) anyone can garden this way.
  • No garden? No problem. A patio, deck or even balcony will do.
  • One box provides enough yield throughout the growing season to provide an adult with fresh vegetables and herbs daily.
  • A large family? More boxes!
  • Can't or don't want to bend down? The garden is easy to make at (wheel-)chair height.
  • Kids? Make the boxes smaller (60 by 120 or 90 by 90 cm). Not much work and quick results.
  • Schools? A Planty Garden as a school garden, I would have liked to have had that at my elementary school.
Convinced of the advantages of the Planty Garden?


Then you can - if you want - continue reading on 'How it works':

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