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What can Planty Gardening do for you?

So, I made an amazing vegetable garden in my own back yard. But, so what?

Maybe it's fun to read about, but what's more important is what you can get from this. And how I can help.
Jelle oogst in de Makkelijke Moestuin
Me and my snow peas

So, here we go:

With a Planty Garden, you'll grow your own beautiful, edible paradise in no time: a vegetable garden you can set up quickly, harvest a ton from, and enjoy year after year.

To get there, I show you how to set it up and what you need to do it right. Then we go step by step through sowing, taking care of, and harvesting your vegetables.
Zaaien met Makkelijke Moestuin systeem
Seeds sown and grown using our system

What's on the site?

You're probably thinking: "Jelle, how much do I have to pay to get access to all this info?"

Well, nothing at all.

The stuff we offer on this site and in the shop is there to make it extra easy for you. This way you can be sure that you start off with the right materials: everything perfectly in sync.

The only thing we want is for as many people as possible to become successful vegetable gardeners.

Disclaimer (😉 )

Just to make one thing super clear: this info and system will not make you the ultimate vegetable gardening expert. I mean, I'm not that either.

You won't grow the most complex, exotic vegetables or the biggest pumpkin in the country.
Makkelijke Moestuin vol zonnebloemen
These sunflowers fit right in with our system
What you will learn is how to get started growing in no time, how to grow a lot of your own vegetables, and how to extend the harvest throughout the year. On top of that: you'll enjoy your Planty Garden for years to come.

I want to show you how to set it up and help you get what you need to make it a success: from the best materials to guiding you through sowing, taking care of, and harvesting your plants.

That's why we made the Planty Gardening app. It walks you through every step.

Basically, everything you need to know about gardening in the simplest way for maximum fun. If you're looking for seriousness, I'm not your guy 🙂

If you still want to win the 'Gardener of the year' award, then this is a good start. Once you've got the basics down, go for it.

Without me. Because I'm totally content keeping things easy. I get enough from my garden boxes as it is: more than enough.

Rules of the game

So, before you dive in further: this is a site about the Planty Garden, not about a regular vegetable garden.
Illustratie in het Makkelijke Moestuinboek voor kinderen
An illustration from our Dutch children's book: that poor guy is working way too hard
So, this is the deal: I lay all my cards on the table and tell you the ins and outs of the system.

I ask you to trust me and to trust that what I tell you works. You'll learn a lot faster if you do that, instead of wondering if it's correct or can be done another way.

I mean, of course - questions come up. Or your uncle who's had a vegetable garden for 10 years gives you all kinds of opinions and advice. But whatever it is, you can probably find the answer in the library.

Click here to go to the Planty library.

Questions about why we grow some vegetables and not others. Or how to water correctly. Or: what is our MM-Mix made of, or where vermiculite (one of the ingredients of the soil mix) comes from, and whether it's environmentally friendly.

You can also find questions about what kind of vegetables we grow and how the system is different from a regular vegetable garden.

And if you still have questions, you can always email us.
Tomaten in de Makkelijke Moestuin
Cherry tomatoes hanging out on our trellis

Stay in touch

Enthusiastic? Eager to get started?

Then there's just 1 more thing.

To make sure you have everything you need to get off to a good start, I'm happy to send you some info:
  • to help set you on the right track
  • to make the first steps easy and manageable
  • to help you avoid the mistakes most beginners make
  • to tell you what you need (and more importantly, what you don't!)
  • to keep you just as excited as you are right now 🙂
You'll get all this when you sign up for the newsletter. Then later, I'll keep you posted during the growing season about relevant goings-on in the garden.

And don't worry: I like sending you tips and updates, but I don't like it that much. I won't flood your inbox, promise.

If that sounds good to you, add your email address below where it says 'Gardening tips in your inbox'.

Did it? Done it? Great 😉

And if you want to keep reading about Planty, here's a good page for you:

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