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Harvesting as long and efficiently as possible

Harvesting home-grown vegetables is the best. Super fresh, real food: that's why you started your vegetable garden in the first place, right? 
Garden to table: it doesn't get any fresher than this
Once you set up your Planty Garden, you can start harvesting within 2 months. From nothing to an edible garden. 

Harvesting is the most fun part really. Because instead of harvesting whole plants all at once, you pick as you go for each meal.

In the mood for a salad? Step into the garden and pick some lettuce leaves. The center of the plant will keep growing. 

Cut some fresh herbs, pick some tomatoes if they're ripe, or grab a cucumber.

Carrots? There are 16 in each square carrot patch. So you probably won't need them all at once 🙂  Pick the bigger carrots and let the smaller ones keep growing.

Harvesting basically is strolling through your vegetable paradise and taking what you need when you need it. 
Fresh pickings from my Planty Garden

Your own U-pick garden

A Planty Garden is not about harvesting everything at once. It's more like a U-pick garden that continues to grow throughout the year.

With the vegetables are close by, you can go over whenever and take what you want. Feel like a crunchy snack? Grab a fistful of snap peas or a carrot. It's all within reach.
Gevarieerd oogsten uit de Makkelijke Moestuin: net wat je voor je maaltijd nodig hebt
A very varied harvest: pick whatever's on the menu
Take lunch, for example: I don't know about you, but I usually go for a quick, boring cheese sandwich. But then I think, "This would be so much better with lettuce and tomato. Doh." 

So, I head to my vegetable garden. 

Two minutes later, I've still got a quick - but way less boring - cheese sandwich. 

Or how about an afternoon cup of tea? Just walk into your garden and pick some mint leaves. Add a sprig of lemon balm for a change and there you have it. 

That's what a Planty Garden is all about. And why it's so fun. Fresh and at your fingertips. 

Keep your garden box full

Sometimes you'll harvest all your radishes or bibb lettuce and you're left with an empty patch.

It doesn't have to stay that way. Just refresh the soil mix with some MM-Plantfood and sow again.

Some patches can be sown 3 or 4 times a year. That's how we produce so much from such a small area.
Snijbiet en peultjes oogsten uit de Makkelijke Moestuin voor risotto
Manonnie harvests chard and snow peas for her risotto
Sow as you go: that's how you keep harvesting almost year-round.

Some vegetables do better in spring and others in summer or fall. It's good to have a variety of seeds that can be grown at different times of the year. 

So, now you know a lot about Planty

You know how we sow, keep the garden boxes full, and why we can harvest huge amounts from one box.

In other words, you know why a Planty Garden works and how to work with it.

So, I really hope you're thinking: "I want to grow vegetables now!"

Then now's actually the time for some (ahem) sage advice. As the saying goes, all roads lead to Rome. But some roads are full of potholes.

Next up, we have:

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