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Refreshing your soil mix during the growing season

Once you've harvested everything from a patch in your Planty Garden, you want to sow again right away.

Before you do add some extra nutrients to give a boost to your soil mix. That's what the MM-Plantfood is for.
Adding nutrients to an empty patch

How do you prepare a square patch for the next round?

That's easy. Remove any remaining roots and loosen up the soil mix thoroughly. Then add MM-Plantfood.

The box comes with a cardboard scoop with measurements indicated on the side. Fill it to the 50 mark (roughly 30 grams or 3 full tablespoons). Sprinkle it over the empty square patch and mix it all together with the soil mix. The Planty app reminds you when to do this 😉

That's it. Then you can sow again.

Extra nutrients for large, hungry plants: 30 ml/per square patch

Summer vegetables like tomatoes, zucchinis, and cucumbers use up more nutrients than other vegetables. They also stay in the same square patch for a long time. So, when you plant the summer vegetables in the patch, add 30 ml (2 full tablespoons) of our nutrients. Give them another 30 ml 2 months later.
Voeding aanvullen bij de zomergroentes
Adding nutrients to summer vegetables

Why add MM-Plantfood and not other fertilizers

MM-Plantfood is made to work perfectly with the MM-Mix. It's packed with natural nutrients and minerals that are released slowly over a long period of time. 

Artificial fertilizer doesn't do that. On top of that, it makes the soil mix less fertile overall. It also washes away easily and contaminates the groundwater. Not good for the environment and not good for your plants.

There is such a thing as too many nutrients

Plants grow too fast when they absorb too many nutrients. That makes them more susceptible to diseases. 

Your radishes and carrots will produce more leaves but fewer roots. You don't grow carrots for the tops, right?

With the MM-Plantfood you never give your plants too much. The ingredients are all-natural too. So, if you stick to the instructions, you can't go wrong.

The MM-Mix contains enough nutrients for any plant

Our MM-Mix already includes a lot of extra nutritious compost already. Combined with vermiculite and fibers, the result is an ideal soil mix that works well with all your plants.
Makkelijke Moestuinmix: alles wat je planten nodig hebben
MM-Mix: everything your plants need
If you regularly supplement the MM-Mix with our special MM-Plantfood, then you never have to replace it. You just top it off with MM-Mix when it gets lower. That usually only happens at the end of the year.
With MM-Plantfood you maintain the nutrient levels in the MM-Mix

Make your own compost?

If you do, you can use it to supplement the MM-mix during the season.

But: make sure it's nutritious enough. I used to make mine with green waste, wood chips, and decomposed horse manure. So make sure the nutrient balance is right and you don't end up with 90% woodchips going into your garden box 😉
Voorheen vulden we de Makkelijke Moestuinmix aan met onze Supercompost
Compost rarely has enough nutrients to keep the levels of the MM-Mix

Zelfgemaakte compost

You can even supplement your compost with our MM-Plantfood. Just use half the recommended amount on the package.

That said, the easiest way is to just add our MM-Plantfood to the MM-Mix. Then you're good to go.

Have fun with it!

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