Why it works

Huge harvests in small spaces, ~ 5 minutes a day, and an app that coaches you with everything.

"No waaaay." Yes, way. Here's why it works:
You've set up an optimal vegetable garden
A sustainable garden box in a sunny spot filled with the best soil mix there is: the MM-Mix. This soil mix lasts for years and plants love it. Hardly any weeds, just beautiful vegetables.
You sow seeds that always produce a lot
We've tried out seeds for years and selected the best for your Planty Garden. Tasty edible plants that always grow, produce huge harvests in a small area, and plenty of variety.
You garden with a system developed for success
You sow your plants from shortest to tallest. So, when they grow, big vegetables don't overshadow the little ones. Your plants get everything they need and you solve problems before they start. In the most efficient way and in 5 minutes a day.
How do you keep track of everything? You don't. The app does it for you
Growing your own food is all about timing. That's not something you can learn from a book or a course. Our app is more than just another 'gardening encyclopedia'. It's a personal vegetable gardening coach. Never worry about what to do in your vegetable garden again.
We'll do whatever it takes to make sure your vegetable garden is a success
Imagine your neighbor with 20 years of gardening experience jealous of your vegetable garden. That's our goal. If you've got a Planty Garden, you can always contact us with your questions or stories. We're here for you 🙂

You know, you should just go for it. You can't go wrong with a Planty Garden.

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